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Cover Art by Eugene Kibkalo everything else by Zone55X.
Printed long ago in an arcane place of swirling ink and raging waters. Bhooks are sentient tomes able to leap from their very pages in the form of a humanoid.   --  

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

Bhooks can often be found hiding in Arcane libraries, where unusual books are not an uncommon find. But they can really be found anywhere. They could be posing as a wizard's spellbook. Sitting proudly on a plinth in a lecture hall or even being read out to worshipers during sermons during congregations.   However many more Bhooks may be out and about, posing as humanoids in everyday life. A thief keeping to the shadows to hide their uncanny form. Or those more able to form more convincing avatars may simply be found in a place as unassuming as a tavern, reading a well-cared-for tome.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Bhooks feast upon the memories of others, their thoughts, feeling, triumphs and failures. And those whom they devour completely become trapped in their pages as just another entry in the growing lexicon of victims.   Bhooks are also required to eat items that represent their book type. A history Bhook would want to eat accounts of wars, whereas a cookbook would want to eat new ingredients with each thing eaten becoming a new recipe.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Bhooks are able to perceive the world in only a limited fashion in their base form.
Genetic Ancestor(s)

Articles under Bhook

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