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White Wolves

The White Wolves, part of the Dwarven Army, are one of the ten squads. They are particularly tasked with guarding the Northern Border.  

Military Power

The White Wolves are a laughing stock when it comes to the squads, but in truth they are not anything to really scoff at. They are still a military squad, and they have an important role that requires strength. Their greatest strength lies in their territory, as the mountains are difficult for most people to fight in, however the White Wolves are trained in mountainous terrain, and thrive there.  
Melmin by Jarhed


The White Wolves, like all squads, have a General who leads them. This General is their strongest soldier, and a great leader to boot.   This General is named Melmin. Melmin is an Ice Mage with a distrust towards the entire rest of the world. He often can be seen spouting conspiracy theories, causing him to keep himself and his soldiers in their secluded mountains more often than not.   Melmin is actually a scholar of sorts, and is probably one of the most well-versed people in the world on world politics. He could likely explain in detail the political climate of every nation in the world and exactly how they got to be in the situation they now are in. Even that of races hated by Dwarves, like Humans, Elves, Draconians, and Korvians.

The Temple of Hadur

The White Wolves do not have a specific city they call home, one of the closest things to that is Gansernfeld. However, their base of operations is in the Temple of their God, Hadur, which resides in a mountain outside of the Dwarven capital of Ironforge.   There is a special part of the Temple where White Wolves reside. They can go to other parts to pray, but their living quarters is sectioned off from the Church part. That being said, many of them still are men of heavy faith, and do not view this as a true seperation, but instead just a way to make their faith stronger with distance.   There is no military equipment kept inside of the temple itself. Instead, it is all under the floor. It is said to only be allowed out when necessary, with pickaxes allowed to mine the ground and break out their weapons for battle. Some White Wolves still refuse to bury them, and instead hide their weapons and stay paranoid that someone may find them out.
However, this knowledge is all for one purpose: conspiracy theories. Melmin knows what is going on in every nation, but his paranoid nature causes him to then create wild theories from there that can ruin his perception of even the most normal of things.  


The White Wolves have about an average amount of soldiers, with about two thousand of them. This is towards the middle of the soldier count other squads have, which is thanks to the important but boring job of the White Wolves soldiers.  


White Wolves often carry weapons forged by the Golden Automatons, though of course these are stored under the Temple of Hadur, making them not be carried every day.   Their most common weapons are ice picks and hammers, which they use to do some work on the mountains in their free time. Those that use these often carry them around instead of hiding them, giving the excuse that it is a tool not a weapon.  


The White Wolves are the cheapest squad to maintain, as they are so secluded from everyone that they are unaware of how much the other soldiers are paid. Due to this, the General will often make the salaries of White Wolves soldiers less so that the General himself can be paid more. The soldiers are often none the wiser.  


The White Wolves are not exactly a squad that people are always itching to join, yet they are still present at the ceremony when hopeful soldiers show off their skills to the Generals in hopes of being recruited. What the White Wolves look for in a recruit is their strength, a rather basic thing to look for, but they go about it in a more special way.   They ask recruits to break a rock with a single swing of a pickaxe. Those that do so make it into the White Wolves. Then, once they are recruited, they are tested on their strength of will (and body). They are tossed atop a cold mountain peak and asked to stay there for a week. If they can survive and not flee, they are allowed to stay. If not, they are either dead or considered AWOL. AWOL soldiers are put on a hit list for the Wolves to hunt down later.  


The White Wolves do love hunting. They get their food by hunting on the mountains for mountain goats and other such creatures. But they also hunt wanted targets, which is why they are often in closer standing with the Yellow Hornets Squad of assassins. Even though they do not normally affiliate with the World Court, they do search the list of World Court Most Wanted, and normally hunt high priority criminals on that list.   Their main duty, however, is to guard the Northern border. This is the border with the Kingdom of Man, and one that has been the cause of quite a bit of tension in the past few hundred years, ever since Humans arrived. It is a very important border to secure, as it is the one that the capital city of Ironforge sits on. Therefore, while the three Squads of the Orange Phoenixes, Golden Automatons, and Silver Angels guard Ironforge itself, the White Wolves are said to be Ironforge's true protectors.  

Wolf Mail

Wolf Mail is a propaganda newspaper run by the White Wolves, specifically their General Melmin. Here is an excerpt of the absolute batshit insanity of Wolf Mail's conspiracy theories:

Stallbourne Trains Come to Take Our Children

By Melmin

The World Court has announced a plan to create a new mode of transportation, all stemming from Stallbourne itself. They call these large hunks of metal "trains." But the truth is, these trains are coming to steal your children.   They call them trains because they are going to be "training" your children to hate the traditional model of family that Hadur has taught us for over a thousand years, instead forcing on us all a new world of families not bound by blood, but by evil laws that seek to ruin everything we stand for.
  Due to the mountainous home of the White Wolves, this newspaper is monthly rather than weekly like others. It is larger for this, but many say that only allows it to be filled with more nonsense and bullshit.  

The Maevell Dynasty

With the outbreak of a Dwarven Civil War after the Grand Crowning, almost every squad has seceeded from the Dwarven Kingdom and formed their own, independent nation. The White Wolves are no different, forming a nation in the mountains that they call the Maevell Dynasty.   The Maevell Dynasty comes from an old tale that the White Wolves love to spread, that the first Dwarven King, Vonron, was not truly the first leader of the Dwarves. Instead, it was his father, Maevell. Maevell, however, was banished and forced to stay where he had raised Vonron, the mountains. It is said that the Temple of Hadur is Maevell's final resting place, which is why it is now the center of the Maevell Dynasty, where Melmin claims to be taking back the land that always belonged to Maevell and his mountainous people.

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