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Lich Club

Where Death Comes to Relax

Lich Club is an unscheduled, at random meeting of the various Liches in Totania.  

The Union of the Undead

Tea, gossip, and tales are shared across the table whenever the Liches come together. A dramatic meeting of those whose lives are not bound by time or other mortal coils, yet one that is shrouded from view.
Licvan by Jarhed
  It is said that there are few that are truly aware of Lich Club's existence.   Those that were close to the Liches during their life while they were Liches would know, and those that live around the Liches are aware at least that a strange group of skeletons occasionally marches into town, but it is not regular enough to be anything more than myth to most.  

A Time and Place

There is no set day for when Lich Club meets, nor is there a set meeting place.   At random, whenever the Liches decide (usually Licvan himself sends an invitation, unless a hosting Lich so decides to do so on their own) to gather together, they will meet.   The meeting place is cycled between them, usually the lairs of the individuals. For Licvan, he has a large manor in the golden city of Camor, while Vonlichter is in a cave beneath the Enchanting Village of Yirthum, N'hog'zadh'goz is in the Dark Elven Caves, and Licher is in a castle in the Korvian City.   Necromancer, a nomadic necromancer, always chooses a different location, finding it fun to make the Liches travel.  
Vonlichter by RovaRed


Licvan had not believed there was anyone else who had ever achieved his status, thinking himself to be unique in this power he had achieved.   Seeing the world is a curiosity, he set out for a short vacation, during which he visited the Draconian Village of Yirthum. At the time, of course, he wore skin that he had stolen from a man he murdered, not wishing to publicly show that he was the famous Licvan.   As an Elf, he was nearly attacked by rebels, but ended up draining them of their lives. He was nearly chased out of the village after revealing his necromantic powers, but ended up stumbling into a cavern beneath the settlement.   Within this cave, he found the skeletal Lizard known as Vonlichter: another Lich. Vonlichter said to him:
"Of course, of all the ways for someone to find my lair, it had to be some idiot falling in by accident."
— Vonlichter


The membership of Lich Club has changed drastically over the years, but as of the year 900, the following Liches were known to be part of the group:
  • Licvan- An Elven noble that studied Necromancy in his free time, ultimately picking up the potential of being a Lich. He is one of the oldest living beings, though he is undead.   Licvan also was the co-founder of Lich Club, as he sought to find like-minded individuals and share secrets and gossip.
  • Vonlichter- A Lizardman who became a Lich after attempting to reach the level of powerful mages he had admired in life.   Vonlichter was the co-founder of Lich Club, though it was more reluctantly after Licvan sought him out and forced him to join.
  • N'hog'zadh'goz- An Emetian who feared death, making a place for himself where he would never have to worry about dying. He even changed his name so that people would speak of him less, as it was more difficult to pronounce.   Lich Club is the only time he ever leaves his hideout, otherwise remaining hidden to stay alive.
  • Necromancer- A Korvian who was one of the Twenty Immortals, a group granted multiple Korvian Abilities, which made her into the greatest necromancer who had access to the highest level of necromantic abilities, including Lichery.   She travels with her husband, Dyer, who she resurrects to keep by her side.
  • Licher- A rival of Necromancer, Licher was a Korvian who gained access to Lichery by being turned into one by the Korvian King Monster, who used Licher as part of his army.   Necromancer and Licher bicker at every Lich Club meeting, both unable to kill each other.
Initially, Vonlichter attempted to kill the invader, who wore skin and seemed to be a normal Elf. However, Licvan ripped off the flesh from his bones, revealing himself to be a Lich as well. This did not stop Vonlichter, but the fact that his powers, no matter how much he used them, did nothing to Licvan eventually did put a stop to Vonlchter's attacks.
N'hog'zadh'goz by Jarhed
  And it was from there that Licvan began simply spilling out his feelings to the Lizardman.   Licvan had not met anyone he could relate to, so for the first time he was able to connect with someone. Vonlichter understood, but didn't exactly appreciate Licvan's thoughts interrupting has work. He had other things to do.   Still, this didn't stop Licvan from constantly, at first without invitation, arriving at Vonlichter's lair and even trying to drag Vonlichter to his house. Vonlichter refused every time, saying he was busy and couldn't go whenever Licvan wanted.   Vonlichter got particularly upset when Licvan dragged another Lich, the Emetian N'hog'zadh'goz, into his lair. The two bragged about their own lairs, with N'hog'zadh'goz saying he'd have rather they met in his lair since he doesn't like leaving, and Licvan saying he wants to show them both his own home. Vonlichter was at his breaking point.   It wasn't that he disliked having other Liches around, he simply couldn't entertain them at their whims. They broke in and hung out in his lair.   And so, Vonlichter suggested an idea to the three.
"Licvan, and you, whatever your name is... I have an idea. Since the three of us are busy liches with tight schedules and centuries to live, how about we make this something official? Send invitations, set a location, all that jazz.   That way, we know when this is going to happen, and each of us can host. I clean up my lair when I know you're coming, you can stay in the lair you hate to leave when we come over, and Licvan can finally show me his house. How does that sound? A sort of forma gathering. A Lich Club, of sorts."
— Vonlichter
  N'hog'zadh'goz was not particularly caring either way. He liked the idea of being able to stay home, and if it meant he could have people over who wouldn't be a threat, he liked it.   Licvan, on the other hand, was ecstatic. He loved the idea of gathering together for formal meetings, and even started drafting up rules, the document they were written on being lost, though he claims to remember every piece of it. All that is known is that it requires formal invitations written in the native language of the Lich, which the other Liches must spend their time learning.   Ones lair must also be in order when the Liches gather, and it is said that Licvan sends a skeleton inspector to check and make sure it is up to standards, also checking that the Liches have fulfilled the other requirements.  
Necromancer and Dyer by andreaspsillos4
With this, Lich Club was born.  

Deceased Members

There are at least two known Liches in history who have died, both of which were part of Lich Club. One was the Goblin known as Tichet, and the other was a Mamman known as Ravana.   Both of them were honored by Lich Club with funeral meetings, and a seat for them is always saved.  


Nothing of importance actually happens at a Lich Club meeting. These individuals, despite their immense magical power, hold no political sway in the world, largely being secretive individuals. They cannot change the world in any way.   Despite this, they treat these meetings with the utmost importance. Perhaps that's part of the fun they find in them, acting as if this is official business with any meaning other than a group of immortals dishing gossip and consuming things that they cannot even taste.   Skeletons and other necromantic summons attend to the meeting, making the tea, food, and setting the furniture. Anything the Liches request is brought to them by those that serve them, and the skeletons are summoned usually by the host, though each Lich also brings their own attendants.   The Liches also have a strict policy to never intervene with each others affairs. If someone is causing trouble for another Lich, the others do not get involved no matter what, even Necromancer and Licher who are rivals stick to this policy. This may be why some of them have died.   What they do instead of helping is give advice and share resources at these meetings. Some Liches call the meetings to get this advice or to distribute or gather things they need. Others like Licvan call them together simply because he wishes to see his friends again or because he has something he'd like to tell them in person, even if it is as simple and mundane as:
"Did you know that Welfs can teleport distances of up to 1000 kilometers? That's quite the distance! I just thought that was an interesting fun fact. I saw it on the bottom of a lid for a can of olives."
— Licvan

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