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The Great Namilli Plains

The Great Namilli Plains streaches across the center of Septentrionalis. They are bordered on the north by the Vieroyss Woods and the Obex Mountains, and on the south by the Thadal Rainforest and the Illi Mountains. It streaches from coast to coast, and in the center is the Ralowaia Lake. The Ralowaia Lake is fed by the Ralowaia River, which in turn is fed by the Ralo and Waia rivers. In the southwest of the plains is the Oxbow Lake, which feeds the Oxbow River. Valistar sits between the Ralowaia Lake and the Obex mountains. Hariel is situated between the Ralo and Waia rivers. Calalith is in the northwestern part of the plains, near the coast. Oxbow is next to the Oxbow River, and Moonstrike is on the eastern coast of the Oxbow Lake.  


  The Great Namilli Plains has always traditionally been settled by humans. It was one of the first places they traveled to after they were created. The soil is extremely fertile due to herds of diplodocus that migrate across the plains, so all towns that were established were farming towns. All of the people who settled here became dependent on the large sauropods for manurer and food. The whole town would join in the hunt, and if successful, a celebration would last for days. As time went by, certain towns grew extremely large and became capitols of their area, also known as Reach. These cities, Valistar, Hariel, Calalith, and Oxbow, still control everything in their Reach to this day. The Reaches tended to skirmish, especially over where exactly the boundaries lay, but things didn't escalate until the Sphinxes decided to stay on Septentrionalis for a while. Already far along in the warping process, their influence spread into the hearts of man and turned them further against each other. This started the War of the Reach, with the biggest battle occurring between the Reaches of Calalith and Valistar. Ignacia, the Arch of Ignus , seeing that this destruction was caused by the Sphinxes themselves, sent them to Sinistrum, watched over by Dunstan, the Arch of Obscurum. Once the Sphinxes were completely gone, the War of the Reach was declared over, and War of the Reach Concordium was drawn up and signed by the leaders of the four capitals, formally laying down the boundaries of each Reach and agreeing to never have another War of the Reach. During the Sphinx Wars, many of the small villages were completely abandoned, and remain that way even today.   After the great War, a clan of dragosaurs who had escaped the eye of Arch Ananda, traveled to the plains, hearing tales of bountiful food. At first, they roamed the plains, following the diplodocus herds. The humans who hunted them, however, took to also hunting the dragosaus, killing the dragosaurs before the diplodocus. Soon, the dragosaurs started to make a home in an abandoned village close to Calalith. Eventually, as the dragosaurs adapted to village life, they began infiltrating Calalith and living in the extensive sewage system. Today, they are the true rulers of Calalith.   A pureblood vampire was awoken in Septentrionalis, Lord Marcel Moonstrike . He did not rampage; rather, he decided to found a city in his honor. The city was set up close to Oxbow, to the horror of the (oxbow Reach) inhabitatnts.


The Great Namilli Plains are one of the largest streatches of grassland on Tilandrial. The stretch is mostly flat, with hills forming closer to the Thadal Rainforest. The Ralowaia Lake, which feeds the Ralowaia River, is located on the eastern end. The Oxbow Lake, the largest body of water on the plains, is near the western coast and feeds into the Oxbow River.

Fauna & Flora


  • oats
  • wheat
  • sorghum
  • cordgrass


  • Diplodocus: migratory herds wander the plains and are a good source of meat
  • Wild horses
  • Foxes
  • Iguanodon
  • Snakes: both venomous and nonvenomous kinds live in the grasses

Natural Resources

Boatwood Reach

Located on the Southwest of the plains, Boatwood Reach has the easiest access to trees from the Thadal Rainforest. The humans who settled here became adept shipwrights. Since the area has more trees, they have less farms than the other three Reaches. Trade routes between the other Reaches are firmly established in Boatwood Reach, as well as trade with the merfolk who live in (Western Sea Name).

Salt Reach

Those who settled in Calalith and the surrounding areas quickly established trade with the merfolk who live in the (Western Sea Name). They claim full market of salt on the west coast of The Great Namilli Plains, much to the chagrin of those in Boatwood Reach. However, due to lack of trees, they trade often with Boatwood Reach for well crafted vessels to maintain the trade.

Firestone Reach

The main source of income for Firestone Reach is the money made from tuition from the Ignus School of Magic. Firestone Reach is the largest Reach, and therefore has the most farmland. Near the eastern edge of Firestone Reach, an opal vein was discovered. Beautiful opals became a status of wealth among the Reaches.

Ralowaia Reach

Ralowaia Reach is the poorest Reach, partly due to the inhabitant's intense fear of magic. Close to the border with Firestone Reach, magicians are hunted as a way of income. This is also the smallest Reach, and their income comes mainly from the fish and mollusks they can find in the waterways of the Reach.

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