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Obex Mountains

Small mountain range full of rolling, rocky mountains. The various caves dotting the mountains are inhabited by goblins. To the North is the Tundra of Cassus, east is the coast, south is the @Great Namilli Plains, and west is @Vieroyss Woods. The Letia River starts at the western end of the mountains.


The Obex Mountains are lower-lying peaks, more tall rocky hills than actual mountains. The Letia River has it's origin on the highest peak from an underground spring. Near the eastern end of the range is a huge bowl-like depression, caused by Ignacia's wrath whens she ended the Goblin Wars.

Fauna & Flora


  • Griffons: lives in prides, like lions. Inhabits most of the caves ignored by the goblins.
  • Boar: popular food source.
  • Parasauralophus: rare in the mid to upper ranges of the mountains, more common the closer you get to the Great Namilli Plains.
  • Winged wolves: look like grey wolves with long fangs and large bird wings. Shies away from all humanoids.
  • Mountain goats: popular food source for the larger carnivores. Goblins only hunt these as a rite of passage into adulthood.
  • Rocs: huge eagles with high intelligence. Will occasionally eat young goblins.
  • Pachycephalosaurus: Extremely territorial. Meat is considered a delicacy by both humans and goblins, and is one of the few reasons humans venture into the Obex Mountains.
  • Pegasus: very uncommon for Obex Mountain Pegusi to have bat or butterfly wings. Those in this area tend to be grey or brown with a stockier build.


  • Plant life: lots of trees of all kinds, lush and verdant.


Considered to be the first place ever settled by a creature created by the Arches, and as such, is one of the "oldest" places in Tilandrial. This was also the site of the Tochdakhmüthí Bashüvasakh (The Goblin Wars). Near the eastern end of the mountains is a large crater-like valley in which only grass grows, and all of the local goblins maintain that was the site of the last battle, when Ignacia's fury was so great that it indented the land permanently. Goblins are the only sentient species to live here, and the other species rarely ever visit. Many myths are told of the goblins that discourage treks into the mountains range, such as they were the discarded first experiment of the Arches, or since they do not speak any of the common human or elf languages, they cannot be civilized.
Mountain range

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