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The youngest city of the four Reach capitals, and capital of Firestone Reach. It is located between the Obex Mountains and the Ralowaia River. It is one of the largest cities on Septentrionalis


The town is run by the headmasters of the school, a male and female pair who are masters of Ignus. Species does not matter.


Even though this city is not walled like the rest of the cities on The Great Namilli Plains, Valistar has the best defenses thanks to all the students of Ignus who live here.


The biggest industry is the exorbitant amounts of money students of Ignus spend to attend the school.


When Arch Ignacia picked this place to be the home of her school of magic, she helped to set up an extensive irrigation and aqueduct system that works to this day. It was built entirely out of marble from the nearby mountains, crafted in fine pieces of artwork as well as fully functional structures by master dwarven craftsmen. Arch Ananda herself willed an underwater spring to feed the aqueducts, and it still supplies the city with fresh water to this day.


Valistar has always been the location of the Ignus School of Magic. Arch Ignacia picked a place far away from any trees or towns to avoid accidental incineration. Unfortunately, this also meant the town was far away from any major source of water. Ignacia called upon Ananda, the Arch of Aquas, to help her irrigate the town. She also hired dwarven builders to build the entire school and surrounding town out of nothing but stone. Because of this irrigation system, Valistar is an incredibly clean town.   As more and more people came to learn Ignus magic and many of them settled down outside of the school, the headmasters of the school found it necessary to hire more and more people to upkeep the school and Valistar itself. It was only natural that Valistar became the capital of Firestone Reach. Citizens of Firestone Reach were cited as always trying to push the boundaries of their reach more than any other reach, causing strife and much fighting. The battle between Firestone Reach and (BLANK NAME) Reach was the one that finally convinced Arch Ignacia to kick the Sphinxes off her continent.   After the Sphinx war and the reopening of the continent, those who lived in Firestone Reach seemed to not be infected by the fear of magic that took hold of the other three reaches, instead accepting with kindness any fugitives escaping any persecution of magical powers.


Nothing flamable is allowed for building material, and the city is mostly beautiful stone taken from the Obex Mountains.
Alternative Name(s)
City of the Ignus School of Magic
Any species who is touched by Ignus, the element of fire.
Location under
The Great Namilli Plains

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