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Hariel is situated equidistant from the Ralo, Waia, and Ralowaia rivers. It is the capitol city of Ralowaia Reach


Mainly human


Hariel was founded by a husband and wife, Ralo Hariel and Waia Hariel. All of the Hariel leaders are direct decedents of the founding couple. Because of the two large rivers, the town flourished by fishing and little town quickly became the largest city in the area. The Hariel family became synonymous with wealth, and the city Hariel became the city the surrounding villages looked to for guidance. It was only natural for Hariel to become the capital of what would be known as Hariel Reach.   When the continent reopened, those inhabitants of Hariel who fought in The Great War convinced the leaders to ban all magic within the city, for the destruction it caused far outweighed the benefits to them. Fear of magic spread throughout the city like wildfire, and the leaders had to aquiest. Inside Hariel City, magic is forbidden without express consent of the leaders. Outside of the city, magic is illegal, but the law is harder to enforce. All inhabitants of Hariel Reach naturally fear magic, but the further one is away from the city, the less that fear manifests. Many magicians living in hiding around Hariel Reach. Even with this fear, residents still worship the Eight Arches because of tradition, and claim their magic is more miracles than anything else. Recently, there has been a growing movement of an underground cult trying to reestablish the worship of the Sphinxes.


Situated on a relitively flat plain between the Ralo and Waia Rivers, north of where the two rivers become one.

Natural Resources

Fish and freshwater mollusks from the rivers

Location under
The Great Namilli Plains

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