Travis Clem

Human Barbarian


Travis grew up on a farm with his parents and his brother Henry. He always hated farming and when the war began, joined the Navy but when the warforged were created, his job was taken away and he was relegated to dock duty. Frustrated with his new job, he decided to become an adventurer and somehow ended up in debt and working for Kava at The Rusty Nipple.  
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Arc 1
When Graddik appeared and offered Kava and her group a job, Travis naturally went along. They briefly visited Lochfort and made their way into the Silver Glade. They fought through an ancient Elven tomb, all nearly being killed in the process.   After returning to Brightport, things return to normal for a while. Graddik again appears and offers a job bringing the group to Esterholt where they meet Darmock and a young Jadzia.   2 years later, Travis assists Kava one more time as they fight as a group to take the throne of Or'Rash and win!   At some point in the next few months, Travis and the others abandon their claim to the throne when Kava is injured and unable to defend the spot.

Appearance and Personality

  Travis is a large farmboy and normally doesn't get worked up about much but when his back is against the wall he will fight back hard.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Kills

  • Werewolf Lord
  • Kraygar
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 69

    Current Location
    Aligned Organization