Half-Orc Paladin


Not much is known about Larg's past but he has spent time at the Temple of Erathis in Donhurst and returned to the city to find it all but abandoned.   Show spoiler
Arc 2
Larg returned home to Donhurst to find a small party of adventurers near the gate instead of the normal guards. They found the city devoid of citizens but now inhabited by demons and monsters.   Larg and his new friends rallied and searched the city, finding the Bell of Vecna that was stolen from the temple. With it, instructions for a counter-spell that would destroy the beasts now wandering the streets. They fought the creatures while Kalden performed the ritual, which was successful in banishing the demons. Shortly after, The Fang arrived in town and Larg had an interesting conversation with Trent, which ended with the thug unconscious in a closet.

Appearance and Personality

  Clad in chainmail and a blue and white tabard with several symbols of Erathis, Larg is a large and imposing figure. He has short brown hair, normally covered by a large helmet.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments


First Appearance
Arc 2, Episode 20

Aligned organization
Group B
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