Arc 2 - Episode #047

Outrunning Your Past

General Summary

25th of Yeste'
In the afternoon, the party leaves Durnhollow heading south for Esterholt. During a break, Elena spots an unusual lump on the bottom of the carriage and while investigating, a half-elf emerges from a sack and introduces himself as @Sydney, a bard who wants to apprentice under Braylon.   Sydney is told that he knows all Braylon could teach and is sent on his way.   The party beds down for the night and during her watch, Tatiyana finds several drow lurking by the cart. When questioned about their intentions, the leader tells her they are to bring Kalden and Braylon back to Brightport.   A fight ensues and while Tatiyana and Elena fall unconscious, Larg is killed by an assassins blade.   Once the drow are dispatched, the party sits in disbelief at the falling of Larg and try to decide how to proceed.

Group B

Player Characters


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Report Date
30 Sep 2018