Elyn Sable

Human Cleric, High Priestess


Elyn until very recently ran the Temple of Erathis in Donhurst.   After the incident that left the city abandoned, Elyn led a large group of survivors to the west.  
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While many kept traveling toward Winterhaven, Elyn and others stayed in Durnhollow for a spell, which is where Larg and his group finally caught up with her.   Elyn spent a day catching up with Larg and meeting his friends but planned to leave soon after. When the group rushed back into Durnhollow the next day, explaining that Larg had been killed by would-be assassins, she jumped to action and prepared to resurrect him.   While her attempt to being Larg back succeeded, but not without issue, the strain of the magic took the life of Elyn and she was buried in Durnhollow late in the day on the 27th of Yeste'.

First Appearance:
Arc 2, Episode 41
Divine Classification
Current Location
Current Residence
Temple of Erathis