Tamera Sellers



Rose, as she is first identified is found to be a woman named Tamera Sellers, formerly of Aubrey.  
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"Rose" is found by Group B naked, with amnesia, in the middle of The Divide. She walks with the group until they are ambushed by orcs, during which she is nearly killed and afterwards begins to heave and writhe on the ground. The group watches as she transforms and manages to subdue her without issue.   When she wakes, she tells Kallie and Elena how she came to be in the forest.   She had an argument with her friend Grayson in Aubrey and went to Durnhollow. Having felt herself begin to have an 'episode' she fled into the woods where the party found her.   She has been a werewolf for a few years and struggles to keep it under control.


A young woman around 30, found naked with a head wound and amnesia.

First Appearance:
Arc 2, Episode 27
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