Dekato "Decki" Banglan

Gnome Leatherworker

(a.k.a. Decki)


Decki was found in the Divide at his camp where he offered drinks and food to some adventurers. He is a leatherworker by trade who left Winterhaven for Brightport and is still on his way.  
Show spoiler
While having a drink, Decki tells the group his story of leaving Winterhaven with his friend but sometime during their journey, Decki poisoned his friend, tied him to a tree and set him on fire.
  All of this is told as factual, without remorse or irony. The party, unsure of how to handle the situation, quickly left Decki and his camp.
  Decki is teaching himself how to play the flute and got a free lesson from Braylon, for what it was worth.

First Appearance
Arc 2, Episode 28
Current Location
Dead Wood