Arc 2 - Episode #050

A Little Less Bright

General Summary

25th of Fara'ure
On the way back to the house, Klara and Eliwrath stop for some street food and introduce each other to their respective delicacies. Klara buys some extra fryders (battered, deep fried spiders) back for everyone to try.   Marrek catches up with Tessia as the rest make their way towards Dragonkeep.   After everyone regroups, Marrek shows Tessia the message from Onak-al, she decides to go handle the matter personally and prepares a wagon for Graddik and herself.   Later, during dinner, Ephany tells the group she has decided to leave and go back home.   It is also revealed that Aralove has been living at Dragonkeep as well and that Diana Astaroth has been a bodyguard for Tessia and she is currently in Aldmoor. Tessia asks the group to seek her out and let her know what has happened.    

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Report Date
04 Nov 2018
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