Arc 2 - Episode #039

Leave It Alone

General Summary

8th of Fara'ure
Along the road between Winterhaven and Aubrey, the party casually passes a man on driving a wagon, guarded by shieldhands. After pleasantries, Masoka pauses to look in the back of the cart and spotting what look like Dragonborn tails in the back, talks break down quickly as Maddy fires a bolt of light at the lead guard and a fight breaks out.   After the fight, many guards lie dead but two surrendered when the man driving the cart was subdued. The guard leader, Josephine and a new hire, Terrence are let go, everyone assuming they were just doing their jobs.   Masoka frees the unconscious prisoners and the driver of the cart is kept to be turned in at Aubrey for being a slaver.

Group A

Player Characters


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Report Date
01 Jul 2018