Arc 1 - Episode #102


General Summary

Picking up after the events of episode 100, Malchus gets relieved of his temporary duties in Uman' Yiro and they leave for Aldmoor to get additional horses before turning towards Brightport.

Derthag is assigned to keep an eye on Malchus while Diana, Duncan and Yenward go to visit Zenora Fennis, a local monster hunter who models herself after Liara.

Derthag talks to Sillik to buy some horses and calls out to Malchus for more money which causes Malchus to sprout bat wings and fly for cover, which works badly.

They finally manage to get out of Aldmoor without Malchus being lynched and make their way to Brightport. They enter the Filigreed Fawn and see Graddik behind the counter. Yenward charges him but Graddik escapes out of the back door into the streets.

Yenward attempts to loot the shop but is stopped by Malchus and then they go see Tessia at House Dragonkeep. Malchus stays at the shop and once at Dragonkeep, Diana runs out of the house and is followed by Duncan leaving Yenward to deal with Tessia and Graddik.

Tessia moderates the discussion between Yenward and Graddik and promises that Yenward will be repaid while Graddik demands he not get anything.


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Release date: 23 Feb 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
23 Feb 2015