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The Forest or Plain

The team set out to find out what is the dangers lurking in the Black Forest & the plain & valley north of Salzburg. They may find themselves torn between investigating one strange occurance, or two.

Plot points/Scenes

The team sets out from Eschbach and travels as far as just north of Salzburg. There they will meet a group of soldiers heading north to the land owned by Viktor Mengele whilst accompanied by the Messanger of the Black Ones. They will help where they can to point them ion the right direction.   They will find that the name they are looking for is Mengele, and many of the men speak highly of him as a Pyscian working out of a fort built on his family's property on the edge of the border. They are told to go to Salzburg and speak to the military there cncerning him, giving his forename as Viktor.   At that point the session should turn to: The Good Doctor┬ásession.   Otherwise they are pointed a few miles to the north where there is the Black Forest. Ther ethey say is a number of spiders been seen & encountered as well as mutant spider-like creatures as well as areas of dense spiderwebs. If they search well enough they may encounter them pretty quick. Most larger animals are pretty much dead & missing.   The team will come acrodd pockets of dense spiderwebs with the bodies of animals, and the odd sapient species drained of fluids hanging in the webs, After a while they will encounter more.   Going deeper they finf a large amount of spiders that may attack them, and after a while the odd drider. With this revelation, it may be apparant that it may be connected to the Black Elves.   If they track down or still have the Messanger with them, he will inform them about the background to the Spider Queen if he hasn't before. Then they can make their minds up of what to do.   Finding a path in is relatively easy due to the paths made by the driders, eventually reaching the centre where the Queen is. Te team risk being burned up if they decide to use fire, partly with the webs and with the forest.   If they go into the centre they will find the Quwwn and have a couple of options. Not truly evil she may be persuaded (harder option), to stop the attacks and direct her pets to targets of worth to both sides. The easier option to attack, and she will fight back violently letting her nest take a beating if she can deliver a killing blow.


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