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Session XII: Domestic Dispute

General Summary

The Black Dawn made their way to Elaria, Casper Manor specifically, looking for their last Slicers to kill. The Caspers had planned a banquet for the evening, at which Avaahn's parents would return from a trip a few hours before. In the morning, however, the criminals arrived in the Nightrunner to see Elincia Casper, Avaahn's eldest sister and Alathar's twin, the only one home. As it turns out, Alathar had been expecting them due to Elincia's scrying, and was waiting for them in the courtyard.   Alathar had trapped Evaahn, Avaahn's younger sister by two years inside of a magical crystal, bound inside a small amethyst to be released only by the caster of the spell (Elincia). Alathar ordered Avaahn to call off the Black Dawn and to end his life of crime for Evaahn to be released, a deal he thought was incredibly generous considering Avaahn wouldn't be arrested.   Avaahn, being too prideful to accept any kind of compromise from his rival, engaged in battle with his siblings. In the heat of battle, the fifth and most elusive Slicer appeared. Eventually, the Black Dawn was able to narrowly defeat the Casper twins and the spellcaster, although the spellcaster escaped into a wormhole, pulled into a dark portal by shadowy tendrils. Elincia had also escaped, transporting to the ethereal plane.   After the battle, Avaahn was intending on sparing Alathar, finally defeating him in battle. Tarik and Daedalus had different intentions; Alathar was murdered by the two Black Dawn members, tearing Valland's most notorious group of criminals apart, never to be seen together again.   Grievances: 5
The Black Dawn
Avaahn Casper
Report Date
13 Jul 2020


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