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Natively known as: Vem Mæcyæn

Magehold is a small city located in the Middle Marsh and is the second largest settlement in The Realm. It is home to a large number of priests and mages, and boasts a temple complex which houses a number of shrines and libraries.


Magehold has a population of 9170, which includes scholars, mages, craftsmen, and merchants.


Magehold is an independent city-state governed by the priests of the Magehold temple complex.


Magehold has a Village Wall with a fortified gate, and is surrounded on all sides by the Middle Marsh which acts as an additional barrier.
Magehold has a Night Watch consisting of about 100 Guards.

Industry & Trade

Magehold is the center of trade for the Middle Marsh. The area mainly grows Yaala Leaf and Marsh Beans. Magehold mainly imports Oat Corn from further south and Iron from The Inland Region. The city also has a number of fisheries.


Several small streams flow through Magehold, providing sanitation for the residents. A number of small wooden bridges span the streams. The city's wall is wood and stone and reinforced by Magic. Magehold otherwise consists of mainly dirt roads and low wooden houses.


Temple Ward

Temple Ward is home to the city's temple complex, which is the only one of its kind in The Realm. The complex is home to a number of shrines and libraries, and boasts a grand Meeting House dedicated to the six gods. The surrounding area is home to the priests and mages who work and study in the temple.

Upper Market

The upper market is the wealthiest area of the city, home to merchants and priests. The market itself sells a variety of rare and magical goods.

Gate Docks

The main, eastern gate to the city opens onto the city's main docks. The docks see many trade barges and passing travellers on a daily basis.

Cobblers Ward

Home to the guild hall, Cobblers Ward is a middle class area of the city. It houses most of the city's tradesmen and artisans.

Rampart Docks

The rampart docks house the city's unofficial economy. Technically not recognized as a part of the city, vagrant camps often make their home here.

Well Market and Dock Ward

The Well Market lies in the northernmost part of the city, adjacent to the Rampart Docks. The surrounding area is home to thieves and smugglers, and unwary visitors sometimes disappear here.

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Town Events
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Event Table - Magehold

Roll for events

Roll for events (-1) Roll for events (-2)

Roll for events (+1) Roll for events (+2)

0-2Devastating FloodThe River Laam has leapt its banks and swept the city. A Ward is permanently destroyed and the streets are not navigable. Remain in Adventure Phase until the flood has abated. -1 to next town event
3FireThe city is aflame. No amenities are available. Remain in the Adventure Phase until the fire is put out or dies down. -1 to next town event
4Dragon AttackA small dragon blocks the gate to the city. Remain in Adventure Phase until the dragon has been dealt with. 1d6 for invader: 1-2 juvenile marsh wyrm (Might 3) 3-5 adult marsh wyrm (Might 5) 6 mated pair (each Might 5) -1 to next town event
5ShortageSupplies are thin. 1d6 to determine which commodity is unavailable for purchase during this town phase: 1. Paper or ink (writing kits and spell books) 2. Iron (weapons and chain and plate armors) 3. Food or wine 4. Oil, tar and pitch (torches, lanterns and flasks of oil) 5. Wood (shields, weapons, poles, tools and supplies) 6. Leather (leather armor, satchels, backpacks and helmets)-1 to next town event
6Heavy TradeThe city docks are overwhelmed by an unusual number of trade ships. The taverns, inns, and flophouses are full of sailors and the docks are unavailable. +1 to next town event
7PilgrimageThe Temple Ward is flooded with an unusual number of pilgrims. Flophouse accommodations are unavailable and the Temple is +1 Lifestyle cost +1 to the next town event
8Tax TimeThe town tax collectors demand a payment of labor (test Laborer or Carpenter at Ob. 3) or of money (+2 Lifestyle cost) to fund their latest civil project. +1 to next town event or restore a damaged amenity
9Flooded RoadsThe roads leading out into the marsh are flooded and farmers can't bring the produce in. +1 Lifestyle cost to use the market. -1 to next town event
10-11Holy CityPilgrims, sailors, and tradesmen jostle each other in the streets - business as usual
12Large Trade BargeThe streets and taverns are flooded with sailors. +1 lifestyle cost to use the tavern but haggling at the market is free+1 to next town event
13Minor HolidayBusinesses close early as the town celebrates the deeds of an obscure folk hero. +1D to recover from Angry or Afraid this Town Phase -1 to next town event
14Market DayTradesmen and farmer are gathering to sell their wares. Gain a free roll on the Successful Haggling Table +1 to next town event
15End of TermStudents of the Temple Complex are leaving the city in droves. Using the Temple is free due to decreased demand -1 to next town event
16Start of TermChaos reigns as the guild hall and the temple compete for young talent. The Guild Hall is free to use. +1 to next town event
17Major HolidayThe streets are swarmed by merry-makers, the mead flows like honey, and the gods are pleased. Gain a free recovery test in standard recovery order. +1 to next town events roll
18Economic BoomThe accommodations and homes of a Ward are upgraded (eg. from Stables to Flophouse) +1 to next town event
19-20Population BoomA new Ward appears with Streets accommodations, Stables homes, a Tavern with 1-2 Wises, and another amenity of the GM's choice +1 to next town event
Circles Encounters
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Strangers in Magehold Table

Roll for events

2Unspeakable PlotYou become involved in some unspeakable plot. You may not conduct any business or use any facilities during this town phase. Never speak of what you did again, but take Unspeakable Plot-wise.
3Confusion CornerYou come across an intersection that has five streets when approached from the north and three streets when approached from the south. Test Will at Ob. 2 to maintain your sanity.
4ThievedThieves steal your pouch, satchel, purse.
5-6Street vendorA street vendor catches your attention. 1d6 for type: 1-3 selling tasty-smelling spiced fish (become hungry or increase Lifestyle cost) 4-5 selling amulets or other trinkets (test Will vs. Haggler 4 or increase Lifestyle cost) 6 selling an item from Loot Table: Gear at a discount
7-8StrangersPeople look at you funny. +1 Ob. to your next Circles test.
9Traffic AccidentA tradesman's cart upended, blocking a main road. You will need to backtrack or navigate the back alleys to get back on track.
10BeggarA beggar with heavy stigmata calls out to you. Give him a ration or 1D of coin and receive help on your next test.
11-12Public performanceJugglers, boxers and acrobats put on a comical show. The crowd roars with laughter. Make a free test to recover from angry or afraid.
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