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The Night Watch

Natively known as: bær ðingæcdaaba
  Each village in The Realm maintains its own Night Watch to patrol the Village Wall at night and protect the village from monsters and beasts.



While some larger villages may have professional Guards and most villages have a full-time Captain, most villages select guard members by lottery. A villager is eligbible for the lottery if they are of the correct age, uninjured, and not a single parent.


Active members of the Night Watch have special access to Yaala Leaf, a valuable commodity in the Realm. The leaves are crushed and smoked in clay pipes, and their mild stimulant effects keep the guards awake and alert during their watch.


Guards are typically armed with spears, shields, and iron swords. Bows are not very useful in the dark and so are rarely used.


Each Watch is headed by a Captain. Otherwise, there is no formal command structure within a single village's Watch, although most guards will defer to more experienced guards if the situation calls for it.


Villagers are trained in fighting from a very young age, and are expected to be able to join the watch as soon as they turn sixteen. However, almost no one in the Realm is a professional soldier, and most guards are not able to spend much of their time training.
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