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Session 11: Magehold Report

General Summary

Session started with two new adventurers joining the party: Naava, a thief and Darkness mage, and Milia, a tinker and Chaos mage. The party met while Naava was hunting frogs with a bow outside Magehold. The party helped by chasing the frogs towards her. Ðupyaf taste-tested a dead frog to determine it's alchemaic properties. The party proceeded into Magehold together.

Session started with introductions and the GM recapping the campaign. Play started with an improv comedy quote, "Oh no, it started raining". The events from the improv were used to segue into teaching basic mechanics to the new players.
Naava's Goal: Get some money
Milia's Goal: Get a side hustle to make some gadgets
Diira's Goal: Get a mechanical hand or eye
Haaða's Goal: Find a side hustle
Ðupyaf's Goal: Find Mægrat and Leefa

A Respite

The party deliberated between staying at the abandoned shack they had claimed outside of Magehold, or staying in town. They decided to stay in town and found accommodations with a Carpenter named Maako, who let the party stay in his lumber shed.

The party spent the first half of autumn in town, practicing skills and reflecting on what they learned during their adventures.

This Town Phase was a Respite. The players had the option of using the shack as a streets-equivalent accommodation and taking the Sick condition, or staying in the Stables at an extra cost.


Ðupyaf wanted to find Mægrat, the woman he met while rescuing the temple cat. He, Haaða, and Diira went to find the tavern keeper they had previously spoken too. After some convincing, the tavern keeper pointed them in the direction of the Wall Market, where Mægrat was a ash-sweeper. Ðupyaf told Mægrat the story of their adventures, with the help of Diira and Haaða. Mægrat took pity on them and invited them around for tea.

The adventurers discovered that Mægrat often took in wanderers and so on. Over tea, Mægrat shared the talk of the town: everyone was worried about increased undead activity in the Hinterlands, including infectious undead. Mægrat invited the party to visit if they were in town again.

The Fish Seller

The party decided they needed to find work in town to pay for their accommodations. Milia, along with everyone except Haaða, headed to the well-off Upper Market to look for work. The party was less familiar with the area and were taken in by a street vendor selling spiced fish. The adventurers resisted the urge to buy snacks, but ate their rations in front of him. Ðupyaf tried to get the vendor's sauce recipe, and Naava robbed his petty change while he was distracted.

Milia tested Circles to look for odd jobs. Because she did not have a Wise related to the Circles test, the GM rolled for a random encounter in the streets of Magehold.

The Noble's Feast

Milia and Ðupyaf both found work with a wealthy townsperson who was hosting a feast. Milia worked as security by setting traps for thieves around the house. Naava helped by pointing out how a skilled thief might break into the house. The traps successfully caught a thief and Milia was paid with coins and a book.

Ðupyaf found a job in the kitchen. While gossiping with the cooks, he heard that the increase in undead activity seemed to be linked to certain locations that the undead were drawn to. Naava, after hearing the news, decided to find out if the undead could be cured or allied with. During the next few days, Naava found an opportunity to talk to Vaelrin in the safehouse, and the two new adventurers learned about the nature of the steam cores.

Scribe Work

After a few days' rest, Haaða also decided to look for work. Through her scholarly connections, she found a temple scribe looking for a translator to interpret some texts written in the language of the Frog People. Haaða took the job with the help of Milia. They weren't very successful in the translation, but were able to persuade the scribe to pay them anyway.

Haaða has Animal People-Wise after the Respite, and can find translation work if she needs to.

The Bookseller

Using Diira's business sense, the party was able to find a reputable bookseller who would buy the books they had found on their adventures. While assessing the books, the bookseller found a map of interest to the party. He offered to buy the books at a discount and throw in the map. Ðupyaf healed the man's cataract using healing magic, which the bookseller accepted as payment for the map.

The Boat

The map from the bookseller showed the location of island. The party found an extremely convenient boat near the safehouse, which had a hole in the hull. Naava was raised by carpenters and was able to fix the boat.

The Hand

Diira, with the help of Milia's tinker skills and Ðupyaf's healing skills, modified his multitudinous tool gadget to replace his missing hand.


The party visited the market and bought some food and scrap. Diira and Haaða became angry at how expensive the market was. The party spent the last few days in town calming their nerves, then gathered together all of their treasure to pay their bills.

Players had not made any recovery tests up until this point, so after gaining the Angry condition at the market, they attempted to recover.

Only Naava was able to afford all of her bills. The rest of the party made an enemy of Maako the Carpenter by stiffing him on the rent.

Rewards Granted


The following players earned Fate for benefiting from their Instinct:
  • Haaða - talked to the scribe about dirt
  • Naava - robbed the fish seller
All players completed their goals and earned Persona.


Players received around 16D in coins and several valuable items such as books.


  • Mægrat the Ash-Sweeper - ally
  • Maako the Carpenter - enemy
Brass & Iron
Haaða the Hunter
Report Date
05 Jul 2023
Primary Location
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