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Iron is a metal used by Blacksmith to create tools and weapons.


Geology & Geography

In the modern day, iron is most commonly sourced from the machines and ruins of The Ancestor Civilization, which can be found on expeditions into The Forgotten World. Mining is next to impossible, due partly to the dangers of the Forgotten World, and partly to the geography of the Realm, which does not contain any mountainous areas or significant iron deposits.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Iron is used by Blacksmiths to make tools and weapons. Most villagers have access to iron tools, although tools made of flint are also used in poorer or more remote Inland or Northern villages. Steel is almost always used to make weapons.


Iron is typically smelted into steel using a Bloomery Furnace, and then shaped on an anvil. If a smith is a follower of Bachda, Goddess of Fire, they may use fire magic to make the forge hotter. Charcoal for the furnance is obtained through burning wood. This is sometimes done in an Abandoned Settlement, where wood and space are both readily available.


Trade & Market

Iron is typically scavenged from areas of the Realm that were more heavily settled by The Ancestor Civilization. It is distributed throughout the Realm by Traders who travel via canals and rivers. Iron may be traded for Yaala Leaf, Oat Corn, Flint, Tapestries, or other valuable commodities.
Melting / Freezing Point
Common State
Scrap metal / ruins
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