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A blacksmith is a craftsman who crafts tools and weapons from Iron, which is obtained from expeditions to ruins in the forest.

Blacksmiths are highly valued in the Realm, due to the importance of iron tools and weapons for the survival of a village. In less wealthy villages, where they cannot afford to support a blacksmith or there is no iron available, villagers may resort to using Flint.



Blacksmiths are trained through an apprenticeship to an experienced blacksmith. Smiths will usually choose a younger relative from the village as their apprentice. Apprenticeships are prized, and parents will often give the master blacksmith a payment in exchange for taking on their child as an apprentice.


Social Status

Blacksmiths are highly regarded, and their skills are in high demand throughout the realm. Blacksmiths are often second only to guard captains in a village's social standing.
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