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Tapestry Weaving

Tapestries are an important part of Gachnif culture, and alongside music are the primary form of artistic expression in the Realm.


Tapestries are usually woven from dyed wool threads by a Weaver, although there are many amateur tapestry weavers in the Realm. Tapestries are woven at a loom, and sometimes detailed with embroidery. Embroidery is a social activity, and is usually only done in winter when there is more free time.

Function and Use

The primary practical function of tapestries is to insulate houses during the winter. They are typically hung around the inside of a Roundhouse, and left up year round. Because roundhouses have open hearths, tapestries become stained by smoke over time and need to be replaced regularly.

Religious Use

Tapestries are also used in the Meeting House for spiritual purposes, as tapestries depicting the gods are hung above each god's altar.

Gift Giving

Tapestries are traditional gifts for major events such as wedding, births, and coming-of-age ceremonies. Gifts typically depict the event being celebrated, and sometimes bear the name of the recipient.


Tapestry weaving became popular during the first century after the great plague, both because of the need for house insulation and because of a lack of other avenues of artistic expression for many people.
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