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The Forgotten World


The landscape of the Forgotten World is very flat and marshy. While there are a number of low hills throughout the known world, there are no mountains visible from the Realm. The Forgotten World is spanned by a network of rivers and ancient canals, with wetlands often appearing in between. The rivers run to the ocean in the east. Although travel by boat is generally safe, rapids and low waterfalls a few days' journey inland prevent explorers from traveling too far upstream.


The Forgotten World is inhabited by both infected and uninfected plants and animals. Overland travel is extremely risky, and th existance of settlements outside the Realm is a matter of speculation.

Natural Life

The uninfected plants of the Forgotten World are varied. Because no extensive logging or clearing is possible, the forest growth is thick and old. There are a variety of useful herbs and other plants in the forest, although collecting them outside of an Abandoned Settlement is risky.

The unifected animals of the Forgotten World are very similar to those before the plague. The forest contains deer, bears, rabbits, and foxes. Beasts and monsters generally do not hunt wild animals.

Unnatural Life

While there are not nearly as many infected plants and animals in the forest as there is natural life, infected beasts and plants are hard to avoid in the forest. Explorers and hunters wishing to travel through the forest are best advised do so during the daytime, when the monsters are less active. Travelling through the forest at night is a fool's errand.

Natural Resources

Ruins of The Ancestor Civilization can be found throughout the forest. Valuable and rare resources such as Steam Cores and the Gadgets they power can be found by a very lucky explorer. More commonly, old agricultural tools and transports can be found and stripped down for their Iron parts, to be used by blacksmiths.
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