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Magic in the Realm

Natively known as: yæn
  In the Realm, "magic" refers to any phenomenon that requires yæn, or the breath that is connected to the soul, to operate. For the majority of villagers in the Realm, magic takes on the form of spoken spells, which are ignited with the Spark Spell and are connected to the caster's patron god.


The Spark Spell

See also: Spark Spell
The most visible apsect of magic is the spark that is generated whenever a spell is cast. All people in the Realm are able to create the spark spell from a young age, usually around age four or five. The spark, in conjunction with a spoken word, is said to ignite the spell that a mage is trying to cast. The spark is formed by drawing in a breath and holding the thumb and index finger near each other.

Spoken Spells

Children are unable to use spoken spells. The ability is granted when a young man or woman chooses their patron god at the age of sixteen, at which point a person can begin learning how to cast and control spells.

Any word that is understood by the caster may be used to cast a spell. Two different mages may or may not use the same words to produce the same effect. Usually only one word is required, although some mages will use longer phrases. The word can be whispered, but not mouthed. Air must leave the lungs in order for the spell to work.


Spoken magic cannot achieve feats that could not also be accomplished with normal human effort, or through the passage of time. A mage can heal a minor injury, move a boat upstream, or transform Oat Corn into meal, but cannot bring the dead back to life or turn a flower into a mouse. The main advantage of magic is that tasks can be completed much faster and with much less expended energy than without.

In addition, the nature of the spells that can be cast by an individual mage depends on their patron god. A follower of Luuda can only cast water and navigation spells, and so on.


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Humans have been using magic for all of recorded history, and possibly longer. According to the legends of the Realm, humans were taught spoken magic by Miiran, Goddess of Light, who first taught humans how to control yan with words.

Index of Spells

Luuda, God of Water

Haama, Goddess of Earth

Spark Spell by pizzapocalypse


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