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Natively known as: yæn

Yan is the Gachdak word for soul or breath. It is the force that drives living things, as well as the old-world technologies found in the forest. Yan replenishes over time after being put into a spell or machine, but using too much at once can result in a curse from the gods.


Origin & Source

Yan is said to come from Miiran, Goddess of Light, who breathed a soul into the first human. The ancestor civilization developed the ability to put yan into man-made machines, and angered the gods in doing so. Today, any mage can use yan to create a spell, provided they have enough energy in their body.

History & Usage

Everyday use

All spells require yan, so most residents of Sipmach know how to access a small amount for farming or crafting spells.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Yan is sacred in Gachnif culture, and is a popular subject in tapestries. Misusing yan is taboo, as it can result in the offending mage being cursed and putting the village at risk.
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