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The Great Disasters


In the legends of The Gaflaptha Religion, there were two great disasters before the current plagues.

In the first age, Bachda, Goddess of Fire, taught the humans how to make fire by putting a Yan, or soul, into a hearth. This angered the other gods into sending floods, earthquakes, storms, and other elemental disasters.

In the second age, Miiran, Goddess of Light, taught the humans magic by breathing a yan into a word. The humans misused the power, and all eight gods cursed the world with a long period of darkness and cold.

The legend states that there will be five more ages, before Luuda returns the earth into the sea, ending the cycle of ages.

Cultural Reception

Like all legends, most Gachnifs do not believe the legend to hold much actual truth, although scholars who have been able to get their hands on old-world books will say that there is more historical accuracy to this legend than others.
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