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The Gaflaptha Religion

Natively known as: Vem Gæflæpða
  Gaflaptha is the religion of The Realm. Because the gods provide tangible powers to the vast majority of their followers, non-believers are almost non-existant. While a number of rites and traditions are observed in honor of the gods, there is not much in the way of an organized religious body in the Realm, outside of the Temple Complex at Magehold.

Mythology & Lore


Gaflapthan legend holds that the world was created when Luuda, God of Water pulled Haama, Goddess of Earth from the ocean with a fishing net and Haama created the rest of the world from clay. Haama and Luuda then had six children and gave each of them an element to rule over. The eight gods created the first human together, with Miiran, Goddess of Light breathing life into the body.

The Cycle of Ages

According to Gaflapthan legend, there were two great disasters before the current plagues, and there will be five more before the end of the world. The first disaster was created when Bachda, Goddess of Fire taught the humans how to make fire, and the second when Miiran, Goddess of Light taught humans how to do magic. Legend states that after the final age, Luuda will return the earth into the sea and the world will end.


Every resident of the Realm has a patron god, who usually grants them special powers. Patronage is granted through a ceremony at age sixteen. Worship of one's patron god consists of making a daily sacrifice at that god's altar in the village Meeting House, and living according to that god's virtues. People are not limited to worshipping only their patron god, although it is highly unlikely that you would gain favors from a god who is not your patron.

The Gods and Their Domains

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Yon, God of Air
The most important god on the Gaflaptha pantheon is the god of storms, the sky, farms, pastures, and hunting.
Luuda, God of Water
The second-most important god on the Gaflaptha pantheon is Luuda, god of fishing and sailing, and the protector of travelers and the lost and homeless. He was the first god according to the Creation Myth.
Haama, Goddess of Earth
Haama is the goddes of earth, birth, death, and healing. She created the world from clay after being pulled out of the ocean by her husband Luuda. She and Luuda are the parents of the other gods.
Horda, God of Order
Horda is the god of honor and victory in battle.
Hachra, Goddess of Chaos
Hachra is the goddess of chaos, insanity, and creativity. She was the patron god of The Ancestor Civilization, and her followers can sometimes operate their machines without the use of a Steam Core.
Miiran, Goddess of Light
Miiran is the goddess of light and clear skies. She is said to protect humans from beasts and infection during the day, and taught humans how to do magic in a previous age.
Bachda, Goddess of Fire
Bachda is the goddess of the hearth and family. She first taught humans how make fire using the Spark Spell.
Daamat, God of Darkness
Daamat is the god of darkness, secrets, and pacts.


While all villagers of the Realm may gain powers from their gods, some particularly proficient mages take on the role of fortune tellers and festival officiants. Mages are given high status in a community and are often called on to resolve disputes.


Some gods have worshippers who tend to be more dedicated than others, and some have worshippers who are more secretive about their rites and rituals. Followers of Horda and Daamat, in particular, tend to have a number of secret rites only known to other worshippers.


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