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Spark Spell

The Spark Spell is the most basic form of all magic found in the Realm. It consists of simply inhaling, and then creating a spark between one's thumb and index finger. The spark fades after a few seconds, unless the mage is a follower of Bachda, in which case it may grow into a flame.


The Spark Spell can be cast by anybody, even children who have not yet received patronage from a god. On its own, the spell does very little, but can be used for everyday tasks such as lighting pipes or seeing in the dark.

The Spark Spell is considered the basis of all other forms of magic. While very experienced mages can cast other spells without first creating a spark, most mages need to create a spark in order to "ignite" their spell.


Like all spells, the power of the Spark Spell comes from Yan, or the breath. The relationship between the spell and the breath can be tested: if a hand is placed on a person's back, and the other hand in front of their face, one can feel their lungs deflate when the spell is cast, even though no breath comes out of their nose.


It is said that the Spark Spell was taught to humans by Bachda, Goddess of Fire, so that they could light their hearths. It is the only spell that can be cast by children, and does not require a spoken word to be cast.
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