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Vilmaris is an elven deity with domain over the ocean and the wilderness. She is the sister of twin gods Vinca and Valor, and worshipped primarily in the Castellan Kingdoms as a member of the Twelve. She is the Patron Diety of Wesarch.   Vilmaris does not speak because her speech creates terrible storms, and her scream threatens to unravel worlds. Ritualistic silence is a common way to revere her. Prayers are never spoken, but may be sung. She finds solace in music and is a great patron of the art. Like her sister Vinca she is known to wear many hides and appear in the form of an animal.   She is revered by sailors, druids and bards.



Vilmaris Stormspeaker

  This aspect of Vilmaris revered by sailors, who preform ritualistic silence and sacrifices to quiet her as they travel. Ocassionally invoked in hopes of sinking or slowing an enemy ship.  

Vilmaris Delighted

  Vilmaris Delighted is worshipped and hailed by bards and entertainers. As Vilmaris cannot speak, she delights in music instead. She grants many favours to those who invite her to hear them play. It is a common practice among preformers to leave one of the finest seats at their show empty for Vilmaris Delighted to attend in spirit.  

Vilmaris Combatant

  This is the war-aspect of Vilmaris invoked by soldiers and those who support them. Vilmaris Combatant is almost always depicted a sea creature or bear. A Castellite army spotting either a sea creature swimming alongside the ship, or a bear, is considered a fortuitous omen.  

Vilmaris Hideshifter

  Vilmaris is known to take many forms. Unlike her sister, Vinca, Vilmaris strives to blend in with wildlife. Her most common forms are that of an albatross, whale, bear or boar.  

Vilmaris Provider

  The Alurran tale The Boar of Plenty tells us about how Vilmaris, in the shape of a boar, saved a starving child. By laying herself down upon his campfire, and allowing him to eat her flesh, the child not only regained his strength, but became a man stronger than a giant. But when he broke the bones of the boar on the third day to get the marrow he was cursed.   In this aspect, animals hunted for sustenance are revered as if they too were Vilmaris. To respect Vilmaris Provider, animals are slaughtered as humanely and quickly as possible, and bones are returned whole to the woods.  

In Myth and Art




Depiction in Art

  Vilmaris is most commonly depicted as a dark-haired elven woman with long hair. She is always looking down when portrayed as a humanoid.   She is depicted as an albatross or boar.

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Goddess of the Seas, Storms, and Wilderness
Faith Temple of the Twelve
Domains Tempest, Nature
Descendants House Vilmaris
Star Sign Sign of Leviathan

Character Portrait image: by Raphael Kirchner


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