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Hedona is a deity with domain over entertainment and leisure. She is the goddess of young love, ecstasy and intoxication. She despises pain and suffering, disavowing any follower who lapses into harming others for their own gain, and encourages her followers to fight injustice and suffering wherever they can. Hedona has become a far more prolific deity in later years.   Hedona is worshipped by artists, oracles and partygoers.



Hedona Incarnate

  This aspect of Hedona is invoked by the hostess of a party. The hostess herself, or one of her close friends, go into a deep trance after all the other preparations are finished. By pouring out a bit of the spirits and praying, the chosen woman invites Hedona to guide her, and channels the goddess herself. As Hedona Incarnate they are responsible for breaking the ice and facilitating the merriment. She is also expected to watch over her fellow partiers, making sure everyone gets to dance, drink, and get some water down as well.  

Hedona Fertile

  Hedona is the patron of youthful femininity. Often invoked by those aspiring to be beautiful, or intoxicating themselves. In this aspect, Hedona also joins the other fertility gods in granting aid both to those who wish to concieve, and those who wish to avoid it. She is seen as the youthful equivalent to Reia's maturity, and is often depicted beside Mashant  

In Myth and Art




Depiction in Art

  Hedona is usually portrayed as a young, beautiful human woman.

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God of Entertainment

Faith Temple of the Twelve
Domains Peace, Order, Twilight, Life
Descendants House Hedona
Star Sign Sign of Medusi
Symbols Laurels, Wine, Flowers

Character Portrait image: Bacchante by William-Adolphe Bouguereau


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