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Twelvefold Blessings

The Twelvefold Blessings are the Blessings given to the Castellan High King or Queen by the Twelve. The first three blessings are also shared with the noble Castellite Houses. The most intact version of the blessings in preserved in the Liturgy of Annointment, spoken in Celestial by the clergy.  

Liturgy of Annointment

We gather under the Sacred Fig to call upon your blessings, o Sacred Twelve. This tree stands monument to your promise, your guidance and your grace. Bestow upon this son of the Blessed Queen his birthrights, bestow upon him your promise, your guidance and your grace.   By Rite, by Divine Word, we annoint thee with twelve sacred oils, eldest Castellan.   Threefold are thy birthright blessings.     Thou shall know the face of Gods   Thou shall lead thy people and bear their burdens as thine own   Thy people shall give thee tribute     By Rite, by Divine Word, we annoint thee now with twelve sacraments     All doors shall open for thee   All souls and spirits shall open their heart and mind to thee   Thy declaration of banishment shall be immediate   Thy dreams shall beareth witness   Thine ears shall know deceit   Thy tongue shall wield the Sacred Language   Thy touch shall be Hallowed   Thy blood shall be the Communion   Upon thy brow we bestow thy halo, which shall mark you as King of Kings     By Rite, by Divine Word, we annoint thee with Twelvefold Blessings.

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  The Twelvefold Blessings are intrinsic parts of the laws of the Castellan Kingdoms. These blessings justify the rule of the Castellan family, as well as the influence of the Noble houses.   Examples of Laws derived from the blessings include


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Aug 8, 2021 11:22

Interesting concept and read! I love how it is in an 'Old English' style of writing. It really shows that these blessings have been passed down for generations. The blessings themselves are also very intriguing! I wonder how kings and queens use these abilities; for good or evil, to help or terrorise. But that's probably not part of this article per se, just my curiosity taking over. ^,^"   Keep up the good work! :D

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Aug 10, 2021 10:22 by Annie Stein

Thank you! I tried my best with ye olde english, it was really a challenge!   The abilities are definitely exploitable, but I think the very nature of being High King or Queen also means they don't really get to enjoy that. They're far too valuable to risk just to get a gate open for an army.   I definitely want to go back and add a bit more about what each of the individual blessings means in practice. Since you're curious, here's some sneak peaks: Some of the abilities are more well known and better documented, like the Hallowed Touch (think on touch Greater Restoration with no material cost). Most High Kings and Queens hold special open courts where people can come to be healed, both to keep public opinion positive, but also to prove their legitimacy as a Divine Ruler.   Some historians also believe that High King Caspian didn't really die to the plague, but that he sacrificed himself to use his divinely-blessed blood and body to cleanse the entire Heartlands of the Ashen Plague.

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Aug 10, 2021 16:02

Whoah, that sounds so awesome! And now I'm even more curious!! I'm looking forward to reading more about them. :3

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