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Divine Right of Taxation

The Divine Right of Taxation is Castellite law and theological doctrine that gives the noble houses the right to tax their respective domains.


Threefold are thy birthright blessings;

Thou shall know the face of Gods
Thou shall lead thy people and bear their burdens as thine own
Thy people shall give thee tribute
— Excerpt from the Liturgy of the Twelve


HouseDivine Right of Taxation
Castellan Shield.png
House Castellan Rule
Emblem of House Vilmaris
House Vilmaris Wesarch
Emblem of House Reia
House Reia Easarch
Emblem of House Abundtia
House Abundtia Heartland
Emblem of House Valor
House Valor Valoren
Emblem of House Vinca
House Vinca Vincen
HouseDivine Right of Taxation
Emblem of House Polonia
House Polonia Pologo
Emblem of House Hedona
House Hedona Entertainment
Emblem of House Lucia
House Lucia Hearth
Emblem of House Scur
House Scur Military
Emblem of House Mashant
House Mashant Commerce
Emblem of House Aurum
House Aurum Craftsmanship


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