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Bordering the Lichen Marches and speckled with forts, Wesarch is the front line against the unholy armies that are poised to invade at the first sign of weakness. Its military installations are fed by the Queen's Road and supplemented by farmers that are drilled as levies in case of hostilities. Some willingly resettle in this province for adventure, while others are just here because they are forced to.   Wesarch is ruled by House Vilmaris.  

Cities and Settlements


  • Cersain
  • Barigloy
  • Desseres
  • Tinaismons
  • Arcegarmonhi
  • Oinais


  • Echille — A fort and market town along the Queen's Road.
  • Erreman — A sea fort and port close to the Lichen Marches.
  • Naurime — The most important fort along the western border.
  • Pazopussus — A fort and small village along the Queen's Road.
  • Ruangercy — A recently fortified port along the Siren Sea.

Notable Villages

  • Chate
  • Tralenumpos
  • Cniraros
  • Courdinesmo
  • Ashe
  • Villy
  • Sateaux

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Provinces of the Castellan Kingdoms

Wesarch Shield.png
Capital Cersain
Ruler Marchess Andrik Vilmaris
Area 112K square miles
Bordering Lichen Marches, Heartlands, Easarch and Pologo
  • Total - 1.2M
  • Rural - 1.1M
  • Urban - 112K
Geopolitical, County / March


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