Easarch borders three other nations, but the Boiling Mountains prevent easy passage by any but the most determined and/or foolhardy. Additionally, the only known passage, Bretesham-Amhalaica Pass, is controlled by the friendly Argosian Empire and tends to have more merchants than soldiers on it yearout. Thus, most of the Queen's attention is directed towards the more active western front, though the landscape is fortified in case of untoward activity. The high volcanic activity also ensures that mineral wealth is found aplenty: Easarch boasts the vast majority of productive mines in Castellan.   Easarch is ruled by House Reia .  

Cities and Settlements


  • Sinamecene — A town built by a profitable silver mine and the seat of House Reia
  • Tyzan — Barely a town, Tyzan is the only settlement along the Empire Way without a fort.


  • Amhalaica — Watches over the important pass through the Boiling Mountains.
  • Metos — A fort closeby a copper mine and small village.

Notable Villages

  • Enepizepi — A tiny village closeby Tyzan.
  • Piniakynha — A small village built around a copper mine.

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Provinces of the Castellan Kingdoms

Easarch Shield.png
Easarch by Annie Stein
Capital Sinamecene
Ruler Marchioness Faustine Reia
Area 174K square miles
Bordering Wesarch, Heartlands, Vincen and Valoren. Courdonne, Storest, and Argosian Empire.
  • Total - 1.2M
  • Rural - 1.1M
  • Urban - 45K
Geopolitical, County / March


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