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House Vilmaris

House Vilmaris is a Castellite noble family that claims to descend from the diety Vilmaris. They are the provincial rulers of Wesarch. The family is historically and currently instrumental to the Castellite Navy.  

Notable Members

  • Marchess Andrik Vilmaris — Head of House and Marchess of Wesarch
  • Chamberlain Aristanne Vilmaris — House Representative in the Chamber of Peers
  • Bannermaster Elaran Vilmaris — Head of House Vilmaris' Military
  • Lady Marlous Vilmaris — Lady in Waiting for High Queen Oceane Corisande Castellan

Vassal Houses

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Note that vassal houses may be of different ethnicities than their parent house.

Primary EthnicityMajor Houses (Vassal Houses)
DwarvenHouse AurumHouse CastellanHouse Scur
ElvenHouse ValorHouse VilmarisHouse Vinca
HalflingHouse AbundtiaHouse LuciaHouse Polonia
HumanHouse HedonaHouse MashantHouse Reia
Deep calls to deep.
Head of House Marchess Andrik Vilmaris
Chamberlain Aristanne Vilmaris
Bannermaster Elaran Vilmaris
Heir Marlous Vilmaris
Patron Vilmaris
Seat Cersain Castle
Divine Right Taxation of Wesarch
Ethnicity Elven
Political, Family


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