Drizzly and pleasantly cool year-round, Pologo is a favorite summering and wintering locale for nobles throughout the country -- and some particularly daring nobles from foreign ones. Pleasure ships and mansions dot the coast. The cuisine of Pologo is also noticeably different to that of the rest of Castellan: oats and winter wheats lend themselves to hardier dishes, often supplemented by fresh fish. With no hostilities to worry about and with generally favorable weather, it is easy to see why Pologo is the most populous province.   Pologo is ruled by House Polonia.  

Cities and Settlements


  • Garangennes — The seat of House Polonia
  • Satay — An important port along the Sweetsong Coast.
  • Autiers
  • Tadontevilly
  • Dazocheaux
  • Miverte
  • Morsain
  • Chate
  • Ratay
  • Lorcy
  • Seiches

Notable Villages

  • Aullery
  • Matay — A large village on the Alurr Isles
  • Vitbory
  • Villeaux
  • Aulle
  • Vetarcot
  • Greausessoy
  • Poilliersoy

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Provinces of the Castellan Kingdoms

Shield of Pologo
Pologo by Annie Stein
Capital Garangennes
Ruler Countess Allegra Polonia
Area 140K square miles
Bordering Wesarch, Heartlands, Vincen and Valoren
  • Total - 1.7M
  • Rural - 1.5M
  • Urban - 187K
Geopolitical, County / March

Cover image: by Annie Stein


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