Sunday is the seventh day of the week between Launderday and Marketday. Sunday is near universally a day of rest. It is named after the suns, the personal symbol of Emperor Viktus.



Numbered Days of the Week

In the Dwarven languages, the days of the weeks are numbered. Historically both languages began the week on Sundays, but today Storan and the other southern Dwarven languages start the week on Marketday instead. In Storan the day is called Septima or the seventh day.   In Sirenic and the other northern dwarven languages the day is the beginning of the week, and it is known as Κυριακή (c: Kyriakí ) or 'the Lord's Day'.  

Lunar Phases

Only the Low Elven languages use a similar week structure to the Argosian Calendar, as High Elven instead uses the High Elven Calendar. In an attempt to merge both worlds, the Low Elven calendar adopts the weekdays from the elven calendar and retrofits it to the Imperial Week. Sunday is then called Nouveldis or Newday after the New Moon.

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Pictogram⛭ ("Sun" )
Other Languages
  • Imperial Common — Launderday
  • Dwarven Languages
    • Sirenic — Κυριακή c: Kyriakí
    • Storan — Septima
  • Elven Languages
    • Low Elven — Nouveldis c:Newday


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