Feastday is the second day of the week between Marketday and Midday. It's common to host dinners and feasts on this day, as the groceries will be the freshest.

Argosian Values

  Feastday is one of the weekdays that reflect the values of the Argosian Empire. While standardization was the primary goal of Viktus' Calendar, there was a clear attempt to guide the masses to what he considered a wholesome life. The early pamphlets and annuals disemminated by the Argosian government make no attempt to hide this.   In the Citizen's Guide to Household Management, an annual made in collaboration with the Guild of Domestics, households were encouraged to invite their neighbours over for Feastday to enjoy the market delights together while they were still fresh. This was to instill a sense of community between the citizens, and the Citizen's Guide explicitly recommends inviting the less fortunate as an act of charity.  



Numbered Days of the Week

In the Dwarven languages the weekdays are named after their number. Historically Feastday was counted the third day of the week. This is still reflected in Sirenic , Τρίτη (c.:Tríti), is derived from τρίτος (c:trítos, "third").   In Storan the weekdays have been shuffled to match the Argosian calendar. What they used to call Tertia ("Third") is now called Secunda ("Second").  

Days named after Lunar Phases

Courdonne and the Empire of Trinais officially calls the weekday Quarterday or Quardis. As the Elven languages name their week after lunar phases, Quarterday represents the waxing moon.

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