Midday is the third day of the week between Feastday and Homeday. The name is a shortened version of 'Middleday', meaning the middle day of the work week.


  Where most of the other weekdays of the Argosian Calendar are named after the expected tasks of the day, Midday is one of two exceptions. Midday, earlier called Middleday, is named such because it's the middle of the work week. In the older dwarven week, which begins on Sunday, Midday would also be the middle of the entire week.  

Numbered Days of the Week

The Dwarven Languages use numbered days of the week, with the first day being Sunday historically, but updated to Marketday in some countries.   In Sirenic the day is also known as Middleday; μέσαρτη (c.:Mésarti). This name is derived from μεσαίο (c.:mesaío, "Middle")   However, in Storan, which shifted its weekdays to match with the Argosian week, the day is known as Tertia ("Third").  

Days named after Lunar Phases

The High Elven Calendar originally followed the phases of the moon, and so the elven weekdays were also adapted thereafter. In Trinais and Courdonne, midday is known as Gidis, or the Waxing Day.

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Pictogram⊡ ("Middle" )
Other Languages
  • Imperial Common — Midday
  • Dwarven Languages
    • Sirenic — μέσαρτη c:Mésarti
    • Storan — Tertia
  • Elven Languages
    • Courdonais — Gidis c:Waxday


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