Chaos Rising

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Chaos Rising is a challenging adventure for four to six characters of 10th to 12th level. The location of the Devil's Finger-- the main site of the adventure-- can be placed in any mountain chain. The adventure begins when a benefactor implores the PCs to take on a nearly impossible quest to retrieve a demon's amulet. First, the heroes must scale a 750-foot tall monument to reach an ancient dwarven castle, known in modern times as the Citadel. Arriving at the Citadel, the PCs evade the machinations of an evil lord and travel through time to acquire a key that unlock an ancient vault created by a long forgotten demon prince. In the Citadel, the heroes confront both demons and undead.
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This adventure is included in the product Chaos Rising and Chaos Rising (2020), available on the Frog God Games store.
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