Adventures in the Red Waste

Adventure Preview

Adventures in the Red Waste is an adventure meant for four to six 5th level to 10th level characters. It was a time when mythic ziggurats of black stone towered above the desert sands and the fertile plains of Akkad and Sumer, and the blue-bearded kingpriests of Babylon knelt in front of obscene idols of Tiamat, the dragon-queen of chaos. It was a savage age, when life was grim and bloodstained, and the weak died quickly. Rivers of blood flowed through the burning desert as mighty warriors of Uruk, Nippur and Kish clashed, wielding swords of bronze in chariots drawn by fierce mountain steeds.
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This adventure is included in the product Ancient Kingdoms Mespotamia, available on the Frog God Games store.


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