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Darnagal is briefly outlined in the Lost Lands World Setting, and further detailed in Shades of Gray. I have expanded upon the scope of the city to be a larger port and greater presence for Bards Gate and its projection of power.
What started as a small frontier town has rapidly grown into a sprawling metropolis and valuable port for its parent City of Bards Gate. After Bards Gate began to expand its influence east, the fledgling village was given the choice of joining their suzerainty, and the offer of soldiers and construction to protect them from the many dangers in the wilderness was far too tempting to ignore. With the valuable Eastbound tradeway bringing goods up the river to Palmer's Field and Glendovel Close, Bards Gates expansion of these three towns have created a strong trading route to the sea.  


Darnagal is under the direct control of Bards Gate through various delegated officials. Officially the region is under control of a Governor appointed by the The Stoneheart Valley Trading Company. The functions of the city are then handled by the mayor as appointed by the Burghers of Bard Gate.   Governor Angus Blackburn - Recently given authority over the Company's assets in the Plains of Mayfurrow, he is a shrewd and calculating businessman of unparalleled ambition. From Bards Gate he rose in influence through the ranks, managing the company's expansion in the Lyre valley. Eventually his skills were put to work to the east, bringing the Bards Gates power across the Plains to the city of Darnagal itself. Finally the company deemed the region important enough to promote a Governor, and Angus Blackburn received the full support of the company.   He is a seasoned commander and expert diplomat, often using subversion and diplomacy to defeat his enemies without raising a sword. Not known for his forgiveness, those who cross him often meet a dismal end or find their route to advancement hindered.   While many of his age prefer to stick to tried and true battle tactics, Angus uniquely prefers change and modern equipment. Whether its new magic, blackpowder weapons or other advances in technology, he feels sticking to archaic ways to be a hindrance.   Mayor Holger the Gray - Holger is a well learned man hailing from Bards Gate. He knows more languages than most would expect, including some spoken only in Libynos. As an expert at managing business arrangements he made a fortune simply procuring sales and connections for companies and businesses in Bards Gate. Whether it was finding a suitable source of iron for a weaponsmith, adventurers to clear a region of threats, or negotiating trade between foreign factions, he was well suited to this task.   Though he is getting older, his skills are undiminished. A few years ago, his old friend Angus Blackburn proposed a deal to him and a change of station. Holger was to oversee the expansion of the port of Darnagal into a full fledged city. From delegating governmental positions, managing immigration, negotiating foreign affairs and threats and contracting out the construction projects, he would work to establish Darnagal as a shining jewel of Bards Gates burgeoning empire. In return he would be awarded with the title of mayor for life, provided he did his duty adequately, a large sum of currency, and a large plot of land in the city.   Now that Darnagal is up and running he contends himself ot managing the city and overseeing the expansion of trade. He is concerned that the overland route south is closed, and seeks to put an end to it.  


As a vassal of Bards Gate Darnagal has no official military, instead relying on its parent state for protection from foreign threats. With the large presence of the Stoneheart Mountain Trading Companies fleet in its harbor, it has little need for a standing army.   The city itself is patrolled by the companies soldiers, receives additional aid from the local temples, as well as a large force of local guard. Darnagal is a young and diverse city with inhabitants from far and wide, and receives a vast amount of trade and travelers from outside. In an effort to maintain the peace in what otherwise be an unsafe harbor, the city has many guards and relies on the cooperation with its allies to maintain order.   Captain Bhimrao Chissick is a decorated soldier from multiple campaigns and current captain of the guard. Because of the important nature of this port, Bards Gate chose a decorated commander to manage the town guard, something that would normally be far below his station. He was, however, injured in the Siege of Bards Gate and suffered a bad leg injury. Despite clerical aid it has been slow to heal, and as such his movement has been hindered. He still maintains an expertise with a sword that few can match, and during his recovery has turned Darnagal into a safe harbor for trade as his loyal guard dutifully carry out his orders.  


Before Darnagal joined the Suzerainty of Bards Gate, it comprised of a small group of families that called the river estuary their home. Because of the close proximity to the dangerous Shorsai Forest, the town never expanded to the north side of the river. While the southern towns grew, Darnagal remained at a rather steady and low population until Bards Gate decided it needed a harbor closer to home.   With little need for diplomacy, they deployed their corps of engineers and trading company as well as decorated soldiers to turn the fledgling port into a bastion for their trading empire. Walls were constructed followed by a bridge across the river, towers were built along the border of the Shorsai forest to protect traders, the stoneheart crossing was constructed and further work was poured into developing Darnagal into a valuable hub. Rather quickly it grew into the large town.   When Bards Gate was invaded, much of the focus on Darnagal was shifted to the Huun threat and the cities growth lingered. Order was maintained largely by the Priests of Muir in these years. Once the siege was over and things began to return to normal, Bards Gate deployed Governor Angus and the Mayor to the region and began to expand the port once again.  

Trade and Commerce

Darnagal sits at the mouth of the river with no landing points further up. For this reason all trade passes through its harbor, whether from overseas, Oceanus, the distance realms of Khemit, or even the overland trade from south. Darnagal has a fair number of herders and farms outside of its walls, as well as fisherman that ply the coastal waters. This area is not as lucrative as Saltmarsh, but still provides a stable supply of fish to Darnagal and the inland cities.  


Darnagal Map.jpg

1. Brighthallow

With the many magical threats and mysteries that can threaten the civilized lands, Bards Gate sought out the aid of the The Dominion Arcane in setting up a permanent presence out of Darnagal. The magical order agreed, and began its construction under the leadership of the recently promoted Archmage Pescennia Visennis. In return for their aid, the Dominion was given the entire peninsula opposite of the city proper, and its own set of walls were constructed around it.   The library and surrounding grounds were constructed painstakingly over nearly a decade, resembling a grand cathedral, with numerous wards and other buildings around it. The library itself stands as the tallest building in the city and commands a grand view of the harbor.   The library now commands a vast assortment of rare books and knowledge from oversees. Mooring fees and taxes are waved for any magical book that is allowed to be scribed by its inhabitants and its grandmasters pay adventurers for any tomes of knowledge discovered in the ancient ruins found throughout the plains. Magical protections abound with specially constructed golems to prevent theft, but few would risk going against the Dominion Arcane.   To gain entry to the halls of wisdom a visitor had to present the seal of a renowned wizard, or or some manner of "entrance-gift" to the library, a tome of immense value, great rarity or significant historical importance to add to their collection.   One of the more cheerful members of Brighthallow is Hydli 'Scribbles' Pingun. Hailing from the small Pingun clan of rock gnomes in the Barators Anvil Hill Range, she has long had a drive to learn. She loves visitors and handles most guests to Brighthallow, eagerly showing those around that desire knowledge.  

2. Temple of Barator

When the initial expansion of Darnagal began, a significant number of the workers were dwarves of the Stoneheart Valley. The dwarves began construction of a temple to their own deity, cementing their position in the town and drawing even more dwarves to the city.   This massive stone structure dominates one end of Temple Row, while the other temples are ornate and laiden with glass windows, this utilitarian temple resembles an enormous blast furnace. This is the temple dedicated to Barator, Master of the Forge. Dwerfater, God of Dwarves is also revered here, but the dwarves traditionally feel that worship of Dwerfater should be done in their ancient holds rather than a new city such as Darnagal.   In the courtyard in front of the temple is a large statue of Barator at the forge. Tuttle Pearon is the chief priest and is often found here. He also serves as chief advisor to the Lord Mayor so at times is in the Central Keep. Three under-priests – two humans, Beloe and Pinkham, and one dwarf, Wynkyn – maintain the daily operations of the temple in Tuttle’s absence. The temple will gladly help those in need, providing they provide for the church.  

3. Temple of Thyr

This temple, dedicated to Thyr, God of Law and Justice, is referred to as “The Hall” by the people of Darnagal. The temple is really an open columned hall with an altar at the back and a large marble statue of Thyr seated upon a throne with a rod of kingship in one hand and the chalice of peace in the other. There are three priests who oversee the temple operations – Gareth (male human), Rinngold (male human), and Amschel (male human). They will do what they can to aid others, especially those who seem to work for the common good or are innocent victims of injustice.  

4. Temple of Muir

Next to the Hall of Thyr is a larger structure dedicated to Muir, Goddess of Virtue & Truth. The grand marble structure is decorated in a sword and shield motif and has hundreds of reliefs of angels, paladins and other symbols of Muir. In front of the temple is a large training yard, where those seeking to become Justicars are tested and trained. In the center of this courtyard is a statue of the goddess as a warrior maiden in mail with an upraised sword. Falcons are known to perch upon the statue and the temple roof, and watch the training exercises. The potential Justicars will be eager to aid any who come to seek the righting of wrongs or the smiting of evil in an attempt to prove their worth. Valeria (female human) commands the temple’s activities, and a lone Justicar, Havelock (male human), oversees the training and testing of the candidates. Father Andrew Wakely is involved in many projects of the church and commands a strong position of authority within the clergy.   Valerias subordinate Eslin (female human) oversees the Orphans of War Society in Darnagal, a movement that started in Bards Gate. Since its inception it has died in most regions, but the Priests of Muir have expanded it to the cities that it has a major presence in. In an effort to aid the amount of orphaned children from the various wars and conflicts around the region, they take them in and provide them a home. Strict worship, scheduling and eventually combat training occurs as the children age. Once they are old enough, they are given to the admiralty to serve in the navy, upon completion of a tour of service they are allowed to leave. Some have criticized this system while other feels it gives discipline and hope to those who might otherwise lack it.  

5. Temple of Malunas

This place is known as the Temple of the Moon, and is dedicated to Malunas of the Ever-changing Faces, Goddess of the Moon and Elves. It is actually an amphitheater sunk into the ground with an altar in the center of the lowest part. Uote, the priestess of Malunas (female half-elf) is generally unavailable during the day, coming out only to perform her nightly rites for the faithful.   The temple itself is an old hyperborean ruin that was covered by grass, fallen rubble and dirt. Elves that had called the southern forest of Malunas Grove began to trade and befriend those in the city, and many half-elves were born. Uote was one such half-elf, and under her direction she renovated the old amphitheater and turned it into a temple that pays homage to her elven sides deity.  

6. Hall of Freya

This large wooden structure resembles a grand feast hall and is a small temple to Freya, Goddess of Love and Fertility. Three priestesses – Teruah (female human), Aasta (female human), and Meri (female) oversee the day to day affairs of the temple. Freya is revered by the farmers and herders who make their home outside the town, and a fair amount of the folks in the town. The priestesses are inclined to help those in need. Outside the town to the west is a small sacred grove for those of druidic faith in the town. The priestesses of Freya are on good terms with the visiting druids and oversee the grove in his absence.  

7. House of Secrets (Temple of Talana)

The House of Secrets is a temple of Talana the Veiled Mistress, Goddess of Hidden Secrets. It is carved from black marble and seems to be a seamless block. The entrances are all concealed or secret entrances. The priests open these doors to admit worshippers during rites and ceremonies. The doors seem to mysteriously open just as supplicants approach. The chief priest is Alaric Tambarrow (male human), and he is assisted by Mara Goldentress (female half-elf), and a half-dozen other underpriests.  

8. Golden Goblet Inn

The only inn located in the Heights, the Golden Goblet is a place for the upper crust to meet and socialize. There is a small common room and many private booths that can be rented for 1 gp/hour so that business may be discussed in private and without interruption. Rooms cost 10 gp a night, and meals average 1 gp each. The proprietress of the Golden Goblet is Gabriella Frieda (female human) and she runs a very efficient operation. Her bouncers will attempt to dissuade those who do not seem able to meet the prices or are otherwise undesirable from entering.  

9. Manor Houses

Throughout the Heights is a series of manor houses owned by Darnagal’s wealthier merchant and craft families. Most who own such ostentatious displays of status are human families. These families vie with one another for influence within the town and for dominance in trade. Holger the Gray uses these conflicts to play the houses off of each other and thus keep order in town. There are 5 major houses in Darnagal; the Holbrooks, Kellhoggs, Bruggers, Thagorins and Chillicothe. Each family estate has a manor house, small garden, private fountain, etc. and is fenced in with a single entrance onto the estate.  

10. Chillicothe Manor

This manor house is home to the up and coming merchant Chillicothe family. The patriarch, Montfort Chillicothe (male human), has worked hard to build his business and is very ambitious, hoping to one day rule Darnagal.   After the invasion of Bards Gate, Mantfort collected his family and moved east, hoping to make a name for himself and get to a place that he viewed as safer than the grand city. So far his change of scenery has been rewarded.  

11. Zalducci’s Flop House

See Zalducci’s Flop House.  

12. Drunken Dragon Tavern

See Drunken Dragon Tavern.  

13. Fountain Square

Near the center of the commons is the town’s primary water source. Fountain Square is a large open park like area surrounding the town public water supply. The town watch keeps a close eye on the fountain, but people are allowed to come and take as much water as they need for use.  

14. Town Green

Near the center of the Commons is a large open green where townsfolk gather to hear public pronouncements, news, etc., and where small claims courts are held (larger disputes, town law violations and criminal cases are heard upon the Steps of Justice). On a non-court day, the green is usually empty save for a few children who play here when not needed at work or home.  

15. Boulder Island Penitentiary

Built on a secure island in the harbor is the towns prison. It is far more secure than any normal establishment, with magical wards and seals protecting the often high-risk inhabitants. The jailer, Fotis Pavleas (male human) works diligently to make sure that none escape.  

16. Rolling Keg Tavern

The Rolling Keg is the one place in town that caters almost exclusively to dwarves. Located near the south gate, The Keg does a fair trade. Dariok Thunderbeard (male dwarf) serves several fine ales and welcomes all, but the furniture and structure are scaled to dwarf size. Prices are fair ranging from a few cp to a few sp for drinks depending on the quality, and 1-2 sp for a meal. Rooms are not for rent, but dwarven travelers will often be provided a pallet in the common room for a price.  

17. Traveler’s Stables

These public stables are where travelers may stable horses, pack animals, etc. Some of the inns have private stables available, but not all. The cost of stabling an animal depends on the quality of the beast. A draft animal such as a pack horse only costs 1-2 sp a day, a standard riding horse 5 sp a day, and a war horse or unusual animal (yak, goat, camel, etc.) 10 sp a day. A dozen stable boys or more work each public stable, and animals receive adequate care and grooming while there, but nothing special. Revenue from the stables helps fund the town watch, so the watch sees to it that animals left there receive proper care.  

18. Karak’s Alehouse

This establishment is a gathering place for caravan guards, and other employees of the many merchant families here, as well as shepherds and others traveling in from the Plains of Mayfurrow. Karak Dunderfan (male human) does a fair business here. Serving only bread and cheese, he specializes in a number of strong ales and other potent potables. Drinks range from 3 cp to 5 sp in price.  

19. Inn of the Golden Goose

The Golden Goose is a small inn that caters to travelers of the sea. Run by Dalia Starhaven (female half elf), it is a quiet, friendly inn that has small clean rooms and good food. Dalia has rooms set aside for any elven travelers who come to Darnagal and stocks a few very fine elven wines and meads for such customers. Rooms range from 5 sp to 2 gp a night, and here fare ranges from the mundane to the exotic, which of course is priced appropriately.  

20. To Arms

This is one of the few permanent merchant establishments in the Market District. Arog Khurion (dwarf male), a master dwarven smith, specializes in the sale of finely crafted arms and armors.  

21. Freya’s Embrace

This structure is a hospice to treat the locals and travelers who are ill or wounded. The priestesses of Freya run this establishment They do not charge those who cannot afford it for treatment, but will ask those who can for donations. They do not use curative magic unless absolutely necessary, but use their healing skills to aid those in need. They will also tend to animals that are injured upon the road. In emergencies they will travel to aid those in need in the locales around the town.  

22. Clerk’s Office

This is one of the larger structures in the market district. This building provides offices for the clerks who work the market district. Anyone who wishes to conduct business in the Market Square must register with the clerks and acquire a seller’s license for 5 cp. This license is good for 1 year for a resident, and 1 week for a visiting merchant. All reports of theft or other crime must be recorded at the Clerk’s office as well.   The Watch will direct those making such reports to the Clerk’s Office. A copy will then be filed with the watch, as well as retained for the records in the Clerk’s office. There is no charge for this, unless the report proves to be false, then the reporter is fined 1 gp. Anyone wishing to see a report on file may do so for a fee ranging from 1cp to 3 sp depending on the type of report wanted. The chief clerk is Rinarius Volf (male gnome), a gnome prone to muttering. Rinarius oversees a staff of about 20 scribes. Four members of the watch are usually on duty at the Clerk’s Office whenever it is open for business.  

23. Dancing Centaur Inn

This is one of the busiest inns in the town. It caters almost exclusively to travelers rather than locals. The proprietor of the Dancing Centaur is Garotte Wildhair, (male halfling), a rather stout halfling known for his boisterous stories and friendly ear. Private rooms at the Centaur cost 1 gp each, a suite 5 gp. To stay in the common room costs 5 sp a night. Meals are not included in those prices. Baths are also available at 5 sp for the hot water, tub rental, and soap.  

24. Grain Silos

See Darnagal Grain Silos.  

25. Central Keep

Dominating the interior of the fortress is a central keep. The stockade is made of wood with arrow slits regularly distributed along the walls. The keep looks battered but intact for the most part. The palisades look like they have withstood an attempt to breach them, but still stand intact.


7025 Foerdewaith, 300 other, 175 Plainsman, 115 hill dwarf, 100 Khemitite, 90 Oceander, 60 Half-elf, 57 halfling, 25 Heldring, 20 High elf   Darnagal is primarily a Foerdewaith city, but has a great deal of other inhabitants from across the realm. Hill dwarves from The Stoneheart Valley have settled here, Khemitites from Libynos, Oceanders and even a large amount of Plainsman call the port home.
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Governor Angus Blackburn.png
Governor Angus Blackburn
Holger the Gray.png
Mayor Holger the Gray
Captain Bhimrao Chissick.png
Captain Bhimrao Chissick
Darnagal Guard Male.png
Darnagal Guard Male
Darnagal Guard Female.png
Darnagal Guard Female
Archmage Pescennia Visennis.png
Archmage Pescennia Visennis
Hydli 'Scribbles' Pingun.png
Hydli 'Scribbles' Pingun
Tuttle Pearon.png
Tuttle Pearon
Father Andrew Wakely.png
Father Andrew Wakely
Alaric Tambarrow.png
Alaric Tambarrow
Gabriella Frieda.png
Gabriella Frieda
Montfort Chillicothe.png
Montfort Chillicothe
Fotis Pavleas.png
Fotis Pavleas
Dariok Thunderbeard.png
Dariok Thunderbeard
Karak Dunderfan.png
Karak Dunderfan
Dalia Starhaven.png
Dalia Starhaven
Arog Khurion.png
Arog Khurion
Rinarius Volf.png
Rinarius Volf
Garotte Wildhair.png
Garotte Wildhair

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