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Thurmaster is a small village of a mere couple hundred folk who call it home. The small hamlet lies off the main coast road that skirts the Great Salt Marsh. Years ago plainsfolk attacked out of the west. They killed scores of villagers, until the Baron mustered a force to repel them. The fighters managed to track down and slay their leader as well as most of their soldiers, but not before the damage was done on Thurmaster.   Since this time the river has receded to the steady stream it was in the past. The town has not grown as fast as others in the area, but it has recovered from the troubles of the past. Agriculture, harvesting of hay and light forestry on the margins of the Gnarley Forest make up the majority of economic growth for the small town.  
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Squire Marlens House

"Squire" Marlen is the effective mayor of Thurmaster and representative of Victor Hanover of the Hanover barony. Under his authority, Marlen collects taxes and tithes, and does his best to assert the authority of the baron in this town.   Marlen is greatly disliked by many of the villagers as he is a recently arrived outsider, his beady eyes and beak of a nose often mocked by the children of the village. But his station, and often the clubs of the men who aid him, are enough that the villagers give him a wide birth.  

The Hound and Tails

This small tavern has seen better days, and is one of the less desirable taverns along that travelers through the area may frequent. Unfortunately, it is the only one in Thurmaster, and unless one wishes to camp in the wilderness this is the only option. The tails part of the name comes from the name of the fox tails painted on the battered sign. The hound is jokingly referred to the patron of the establishment, a grumpy unmarried man by the name of Weismar.   The only rooms available are share community rooms that run 5sp a night. The rooms are less than desirable, often infested with fleas, bedbugs or lice. The ale is watered down and weak, and the food quality is questionable.   It is ran by Elvira, a woman whos nature easily explains the shoddy state of the inn. With Thurmasters quick growth, many in the town wish that there was another option.  

Barranas Store

This all purpose store is the only one in the village and is ran by Barranas. Often goods are bartered here rather than done for copper or silver, but a supply is kept on hand encase any adventurers come through. Most items up to 35 gold pieces can be purchased from this store, though only a single potion of healing could likely be bought.  

Tausters Home

This two story tower is owned by the mage Tauster. He is 74, 5'3" and rather self-conscious about his height.   The tower is not that important to Tauster, but he is a wizard and he believes he should look the part. It is a bit of a source of pride and wonder to the villagers. On the one hand they believe that a wizard gracing their small village is a blessing, but some think that it only draws the forces of chaos to their doorstep.   The truth is somewhere in between. The wizard is retired, though his adept skill at magic is sometimes dispensed to aid the village.  

The Smelted Hammer

Ran by the hearty young woman named Rhett, this is the villages only blacksmith. She is relatively new to the village and none seem to know her origin, but her exceptional skill and knowledge of smithing makes her a valuable member of the community. She has taken on a few apprentices, and her ability to forge not just simple items, but even weapons and armor, has made her blacksmith a popular spot for adventurers and militia needing arms.  

Shrine to Freya

This shrine is vaguely maintained by the members of the village and is little more than a meager statue with a bowl in front. Offers are given here by mothers who wish to bare children, those seeking a good harvest and others hoping to receive the blessing of freya.
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Squire Marlen.png
"Squire" Marlen
Ambrose Guard Male.png
Thurmaster Town Guard Male
Ambrose Guard Female.png
Thurmaster Town Guard Female

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