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Plains of Mayfurrow

The vast Plains of Mayfurrow serve as the true breadbasket of much of the beleaguered Sinnar Coast states. These plains are almost the polar opposite of those of the Waymarch in that they are well-watered by the weather patterns of the Gulf of Akados, have a milder winter and longer growing season due to the influence of the Tropic of Arden. The soil is rich and fertile with an underlying granite bedrock that protrudes in lines of stark, ragged stone in long, broken lines that extend across the plains formed by the tectonic convergence that formed the nearby mountains. When seen from extremely high altitudes — such as a flying dragon might enjoy — the plains look like a vast sea of green and gold punctuated by lines of breakers extending from the Stoneheart Mountains towards the Gulf of Akados.   The plains are bounded on the west by Trader’s Way where it passes along the base of the Stonehearts from its origin Cerediun Province far to the south and on the east with the Coast Road where it follows the contours of the gulf and skirts the Great Salt Marsh. Its south boundary is the Tradeway and Forest of Parna, beyond which lie the Unclaimed Lands of the Borderland Provinces, and to the north the fringes of the Shorsai Forest and lands near the Shepherd’s Crook farm road serve as its last reaches. Beyond these bounds, some holds stretch between the Azure Range of the Stonehearts and the forbidding lands of Acregor, but these lands are much more subject to raiding by monsters and hostile forces and so are less attractive to settlers.  

Politics of the Plains

The Plains of mayfarrow is a contested region with various factions vying for power. The following are the major powers of the civilized lands.  

The Foere Crown

Years ago the region was ruled by Duke Augustus, owing its loyalty to the Foere crown. A devastating disaster befell its capital, causing the entire city to disappear into the abyss which resulted in the dissolution of the Duchy of Newmont. None surviving know what caused this, but with the central power gone, control of the area fell apart and the five remaining baronies pledged directly to the overking himself. While smaller than many of the larger areas to the south, each still has several villages and keeps under their control.  

The Baronies

In its interior five lesser baronies owe their titles and are subordinates to the Foere Crown. With the overkings disappearance, the area has come into question as to whether they still serve the crown or not, and the more ambitious actors have looked to their neighbors with suspicion.   Delafont Barony - Lady Evelane Delafont
Conclair Barony - Count Otto Von Conclair
Hanover Barony - Phillip Hanover
Ambrose Barony - Victor Ambrose
Darrington Barony - Sebastian Darrington  

Bards Gate

While Bards Gates largest assets are to the south and the recent Huun invasion dealt a harsh blow to its foreign assets, Bards Gate and its Suzerainty remains one of the most dominant forces in the area. They control the coastal towns of Darnagal, Saltmarsh and the inland trade route that passes through Palmer's Field and Glendovel Close. The ports and trade routes are lucrative and allow the distant capital to project vast amounts of power over the region. With the siege of Bards Gate over, their forces are tightening their grip on the region and beginning to come into conflict with the allies of the Foere crown.  

The Sea Princes

This loose confederacy of pirates calls the Isles off the coast their home. They used to be a large threat before the admiralty of bards gate dealt them a harsh blow, sending many of their vessels into the depths of the ocean. Since then their piracy has been a much minor threat, but over the last few years they have begun to get more bold and project their influence inland.


  • Map of The Plains of Mayfurrow
  • Map of The Plains of Mayfurrow - Political Map

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