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This village lies in the center of a broad belt of farmsteads and stands a lynchpin for the region. Originally started as a small palisade enclosure for traders and travelers to find a safe refuge on their journey, it has since grown into a fledgling village. Entrepreneurial folk seeking to make wealth off the traders followed by those who wished to sell the locals goods sprung up and rapidly grew the hamlet. The local farmers now had a safe place to retreat to during attack by bandits, beasts and other threats, and the proximity to a local town have benefited both greatly.   Old Man Carman is an adventurer who settled here long ago, leading the first forays into the silver strand forest to purge the evil that has dwell within. Since that time he has organized groups to harvest the silk found here, which has led to the small town to gain a decent amount of wealth for its size. Unfortunately the amount of adventurers who come through here willing to brave the forests dangers have dwindled, and the harvesting of silk has slowed. The Delafonts have made it clear to Carman that he holds his position because of their blessing, but the baronness rarely does much with the town other than collect taxes and offer recruitment into the regional army.  
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Old Man Carmans Home

This establishment is home to the retired adventurer Old Man Carman Fabii and is the defacto mayor of the town. Many years ago he stopped a gnoll uprising with the aid of his companions, and the friendly nature of the folk of Harlaton and appreciation for his deeds led him to settle in this small village. His unique ability to recognize problems facing the town and capability of convincing other adventurers to aid them, has led to the town avoiding or resolving many issues that would plague other towns.   He is a stalwart figure, though his fighting days are long behind him. His sage advice is respected and heeded to by the village, and while the town has no official government he would settle any disputes they have. His son Gregory Fabii has become the towns unofficial judge, who handles disputes and other problems that occasional arise. Gregory also manages the towns militia and town guard which come to the defense of the town and handle disputes.   Carmans home also doubles as the towns governing center. The central portion of the house and lower floor and almost public locations, with it serving as a place for meetings and matters of importance to the town to be discussed.   Carman believes that from meager beginnings one can rise to greatness, likely holding this belief because he himself started with nothing. He does not often discuss politics, but in good company and with a glass of brandy he would talk about the radically shifting political landscape. He could best be described as a Simul.  

Gareths Provisions

This store is ran by Gareth. He has made a living by buying provisions who are in desperate need of cash, or making money of adventurers who are unsure of what to do with their weird items they have acquired. With this income, his store has flourished in the remote location and he has managed to make a decent living off selling items to travelers passing through   Most items up to 50g can be found here. He has almost no potions, but does have a large supply of healing potions. He often tries to usurp Carmans leadership while remaining cautious not to upset the townsfolk. He believes the taxes imposed by the baronness limits the prosperity that Harlaton could achieve, and is outspoken about how much Harlaton could improve if things were done differently. He could best be described as a Mercator.  

The Tidy Turnip Inn

Bonny is the proprietor of this establishment. She longed to be a mercenary, but after her first taste of combat decided that this life was not for her. Using her first funds she managed to convert that into enough of a fortune to found this inn.   She never married, but her sister Bethany has helped her make the inn into what it is today. The two have lived a comfortable life and become a staple in the village. After years of growth, it is a welcoming place for a weary traveler to rest their head   Prices:
Potato/vegetable Soup, 1sp
Ale (pint), 1sp
Beer (pint), 1sp
Cheese, 6sp
Fish, 3sp
Rum (pint), 5sp
Steak, 4sp
Wine (pint), 5sp
Wine (Bottle), 2gp
Room, 6sp per night
Dispersed Camping, 1sp per night

Mrs and Mrs Smiths

The master smith in the town is a duo by the name of Octavia and Oliver. She is a tidy woman with curly auburn hair while her husband is almost the polar opposite, straight black hair and a hoarder. She can be a little crass with customers, and is rude when they waste her time, while Oliver can spend the entire day chatting ones ear off about all manner of things.   The pair are not particularly skilled at weapon or armor construction, or would even be capable of constructing new items that require a lot of metal if requested. With the locations lack of a nearby mine, the availability of ore is poor and limits her to repairs or smaller items.   But there is a strong need for repairs in the village, and they are usually more than capable of repairs when needed.  

Shrine to Pekko

Harlaton does not have a large religious organization, with most worship being unorganized and relegated to small prayers said at home. The only shrine in the village is to Pekko.   Venxi, an old gnome friend of the village elder Carmans, maintains this shrine as respect to the god. She has since retired from farming, but still owns and manages a few different farmsteads that she plans and ensures their safety.
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Old Man Carman
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Harlaton Guard Male
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Harlaton Guard Female

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