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On the banks of the Kingfisher River and marking the domain of the Delafont barony lies the large town of Riverside. The mighty river arrives from far to the west and continues all the way down to the Sinnar Ocean, making it a valuable source of food and trade. Riverside is encircled by a 15-feet-tall stone wall. It has four entrances, including a barbican in each of them, and there are ten towers guarding the walls scattered around the perimeter. One of the two bridges in the town is inside the walls. The second bridge is one of the entrances to the city, it leads to the outskirts of town, where most farmers and laborers live.   People in Riverside owe their allegiance to the Delafont Barony. The folk in Riverside mind their own business and expect others to do so as well, content with their lot in life and free from the troubles that plague the region. Problems are not common here; the town is well guarded, and its location as one of the few crossings over the mighty river makes its is advantageous.   The proximity to both the Auroch and Baron plains makes this village a prosperous location for horses and game. The Delafonts have some of the finest knights that the region has seen and two entire knightly orders who call Riverside home. The Knights of the Steadfast Guard and the Knights of the Moon.  
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Sir Walton Bolsters Manor

​The mayor of Riverside, Sir Walton Bolster, decided to build his own house out of the city. He owes his lands and title as the local lord and constabulary to the Delafonts, and handles most of the day-to-day management of the city itself. He is a fan of horse-riding and is an avid fisherman. When he is not busy working and handling the common folks’ issues, he spends his afternoons fishing and taking care of his horse, Apollon. Apollon is a splendid white beast, with gray spots decorating its skin and mane.​ He is content with his lot in life and generally not motivated to expand his authority or do much more than keep the city running.  

Town Hall

This large building is home to most of Riversides bureaucratic functions and is where Sir Walton Bolster spends his time. The trees in front of the building bring shadow to readers who like to spend part of their days there. The hall is always well lit and warm. There is no lobby inside, but there is a vast conference room with a pseudo-throne. Sir Bolster receives visitors and handles the town affairs in here.  

Bulls Pub

The owner of the Bulls pub is a gnome by the name of Frank Sneijder. He used to be a merchant who traveled around the region selling items, but one day he had to stay in Riverside for about a week because he was stricken by a strong flu. Riverside folk treated him so well and he felt so welcome that he decided to use all the money he had to buy the town’s pub. He lives here with his dozen cats, and his establishment is one of merriment and cheer.  

Guild Market

The market is open every day but hosts the largest sales on Telday. Merchants and food sellers are friendly and always happy to serve visitors or locals. The guild has numerous leatherworkers, craftsmen, fishermen, weavers, boat crafters, and bakers that all flock to sell their wares in the market.  

The Wild Horse Inn

Barbara Skindle runs this large inn. She opted to name it as such because she once had a horse who was as wild as the jungle. It was stronger than other horses, bigger, and had a pitch-black color. No one in town could ever tame the horse, not even Vance, from Vance Horses. Some people even started spreading the rumor that a demon lived inside the horse. One day Barbara decided to set the horse free, accepting the fact that she was never going to be able to control or ride it. Nobody knows of the horse since. Although there have been rumors of sightings of an enormous beast running amok at night, the majority of farmers do not think it is a horse.   The inn is open to all who pass through the town, and has many comfortable rooms and a warm meal.  

Temple of the Steadfast Guard

This religious building serves as a church for the people of Riverside. There are several shrines inside the temple grounds to satisfy the different beliefs and deities that are worshiped, but the primary worship found within is that of Vanitthu, God of the Steadfast Guard. The Knights of the Steadfast Guard run the temple and use it as a location to dispense justice and to organize their order.  

Temple of the Moon

This temple serves as a community center and primarily worships Narrah, The Lady of the Moon, The Pale Sister. Every full moon, the villagers love to gather and meet here. They do not light any torches or lamps, letting the moonlight be the only source of illumination. They bask in the moonlight all night, singing, dancing, and thanking the Gods for another white moon and a month of life.   The Temple is similar to the Vanitthu temple in that it is ran by a knightly order, the Knights of the Moon.  

Vance Horses

The proud owner of the stables and horse master is Vance. The place is very popular throughout the region. Many people from all around the province and beyond have come here to meet Vance and see his high-quality horses.   Because of the Knights of the Steadfast guard and other orders desire for strong horses, Vance has accumulated a vast amount of wealth in a relatively short period of time.  

Riverside Boats and Fish Shop

Boat crafting is not only well paid in Riverside, but it is also an easy-to-manage business. It is sustainable enough considering the fact that boat crafters also rent their boats. They also have some boats of their own to practice fishing.  

Trebias Marbleworks

One of Riversides claims to fame is its nearby marble quarry in the Halfling Hills. While few halflings actually live here, it was named as such because early human settlers often came into contact with them.   Sepunia Trebia and a large amount of sculptors make columns, statues and all manner of marble products for Riverside and beyond. Andwise Townsend runs the actual mining operations and extracting the marble from the quarry, as well as transporting it far and wide.
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Sir Walton Bolster
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Frank Sneijder
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Barbara Skindle
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Sepunia Trebia
Andwise Townsend.png
Andwise Townsend
Delafont Guard Male.png
Riverside Guard Male
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Riverside Guard Female

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