Central Hyrule

A peaceful, quiet lowland of hills and forests nestled beneath the Hylia and Regencia rivers. The Great Plateau towers over the region in the south. Multiple villages and towns dot the landscape, all under the watchful solitude of Hyrule Castle.   While Hyrule itself stretches from the Gerudo Desert and Valo Wilds in the west to the Great Sea in the east, central Hyrule is considered the true, original land of the Hylian people's, granted to them by the Goddess Hylia. The lands of Necluda and Northern Faron are the only areas accessible by land from these central plains, with all other regions seperated by the major rivers and lakes.

Natural Resources

Below the verdant hills and forested plains of Hyrule lies a rich deposit of non-porous stone, which is in high demand for various construction projects.
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Owning Organization
Inhabiting Species


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