Grained Steppes

They call us nomads, but the only home we have ever known is here.
Pars' Gerudo saying
  For most, the furthest any have seen into the vast Gerudo Desert is the whitewashed walls of the capitol city Ma'dina. For those courageous enough and financially stable to obtain proper provisions, the three week journey southwest across the sands will bring you to the lands of the Pars' Gerudo. Descended from the Heroine of Horses these people's were once nomadic, traveling across the desert. Now they have settled along the Grained Steppes, performing duty as agriculturalists and boarder guards to neighboring Holodrum.   Filled with low, grass covered hills, the Steppe is a life giver among the western lands. Though the ground is not favorable to the plow, shepherds have raised flocks of Steppe Yak and Lowland Goat here since before unification. Low-lying Short-stem Wheat has been grown along the Rahik River in the south, which empties into the Rawin Sea further west and south of Holodrum.   While some would think the steppes would be named for vast amounts of grain grown here, the land is still nearly as arid as the desert itself. Instead, the name comes from the pattern of two main grasses that grow throughout the area: The darker Harthen Grass which shoots up before the wet season begins and grows in larger patches, and the lighter, thin streaked Lorpa Grass, which flowers with jewel green buds in the late summer.
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